Can a cat get kennel cough from an animal shelter?

Can a cat get kennel cough from an animal shelter?

One likely scenario of a cat contracting kennel cough is from an animal shelter. Please don’t let this discourage you from adopting from local shelters, for they are the ones that need you the most. Often animal shelters don’t have the best air circulation, making them an excellent place for bordetella to hang out.

What kind of cough does a cat have?

When coughing, a cat’s chest and belly movements are dramatic since a cough is a forceful push of air out. Cats will not pant or hold their mouth open wide when coughing, and coughing is not really fast—each cough will likely have at least a second or two in between. There are two types of cat coughs: a dry cough or a productive (wet) cough.

What should I do if my kitten has a cough?

If your kitten has a condition that makes him cough or sneeze, try using a vaporizer to ease the stress on his nasal passage. Many human cough and sneeze relief medicines contain chemicals harmful to cats. Ask your vet which ones, if any, are cat-safe.

Why does my cat keep coughing and sneezing?

These viruses are contagious from cat to cat and very common. Cats can develop an infection as a kitten and harbor the virus for the rest of their lives. Most of the time these viruses affect the upper airways, such as the nose and throat. If the throat is inflamed and irritated, coughing may occur.

Is it possible for a kitten to have a kennel cough?

Coughing is very rare in cats. If you have a cat that has developed a cough, especially if that cat is a young kitten, it is imperative that you contact your veterinarian immediately as kennel cough can be very serious in young kittens and, perhaps, other cats that are immunocompromised.

Why does my kitten keep coughing and sneezing?

The most common case of coughing usually points to asthma, which is also a common respiratory disorder that humans have. Kittens often respond to stress with Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), which easily occurs in kittens who have just moved homes from the shelter to a new house.

What kind of cough does a young cat have?

When this bacteria infects a very young or otherwise immunocompromised cat, the resulting condition, commonly called kennel cough, is identifiable by the raspy and billowing cough that develops. Protect yourself and your pet. Compare top pet insurance plans.

When to take your cat to the vet for a cough?

Since coughing is so rare in cats, the following symptoms should be concerning enough to warrant a call to your veterinarian: Bordetella is a highly contagious bacterium; cats are just more resistant to it than dogs, causing it to be much rarer in cats and much less severe in otherwise healthy adult cats.