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How much should a Ragdoll cat cost?

How much should a Ragdoll cat cost?

Ragdoll cat price range is between $800 for a pet ragdoll and $2000 for a show breed Ragdoll….General Ragdoll Kitten Price.

Ragdoll Kitten Quality Approximate Cost
Breeder & Show Quality $2,500+
Show Quality $1,200 – $2,250+
Breeder Quality $1,500 – $2,500+

How old does a ragdoll cat have to be?

Nope, we’re not just referring to their playful personalities—Ragdoll cats aren’t considered fully mature until they reach four years of age. Considered a “slow maturing” breed, Ragdolls will continue to grow—and the colors and patterns in their coats might even continue to change—until they’re about four years old. Continue to 10 of 11 below.

What causes a ragdoll to have albinism?

Like Siamese cats, Ragdolls have a special modifier gene that prevents pigment from developing in the fur and causes albinism. That modifier, however, can only affect the pigmentation of the cat’s fur in temperatures between 100 and 102.5 degrees—when the cat is in her mother’s womb or exposed to very warm temperatures.

What kind of fur does a ragdoll have?

Continue to 3 of 11 below. Although long, white, silky coats are one of the best-known characteristics of Ragdolls, their fur can actually come in a massive variety of colors. Some common Ragdoll colors include blue, lilac, cream, mink, tortoiseshell, and even red or orange. Many Ragdolls also have color pointed coats, like a Siamese cat.

When to get rid of Ragdoll cat coats?

My babes develop a thicker, heavier coat in early winter. So of course, they get rid of that heavier coat in the spring season. So shedding is a bit more prevalent in the spring season. Really, shedding really makes for a healthier looking quality coat. Your cat is simply getting rid of old fur, no longer needed.

Where can I find a ragdoll cat for sale?

Also, please be aware that most shelters list Ragdolls erroneously under Himalayan and/or Siamese, since Ragdolls are still not a very well-known breed of cat. Another great resource for finding a purebred Ragdoll cat for sale is to do a search on,, Petfinder.comor Craigslist.comin your home town or surrounding areas.

When does a tabby cat become a kitten?

Size 1 Newborn Kittens. The first stage of any cat’s life is the newborn kitten stage. 2 Two To Six Months Old. 3 Six Months To Ten Months Old. 4 Eleven Months To Twelve Months Old. 5 Prime Years Of Cat Life. 6 Later Years Of Cat Life. 7 Senior Years Of Cat Life. 8 Common Questions About Tabby Cat Growth.

What kind of herpes does a 14 year old cat have?

A 14-year-old castrated domestic short-haired cat with multifocal, diffuse, hypertensive retinopathy. The patient was referred for chronic epiphora associated with herpesvirus, but on complete ophthalmic examination, multifocal retinal detachments, which appear as patchy-lime green areas on the fundus, with subretinal edema were found.

What’s the average life span of a ragdoll?

Average lifespan shows 12-14 years. So I’m taking the lead aggressive treatment option so we don’t make his time remaining miserable. He’s had an average good life.😁 I’m amazed that Ragdolls live as long as Turkish Angoras as Rags are predisposed to HCM and other diseases that Turks are not.