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How often should Siamese cats be fed?

How often should Siamese cats be fed?

Siamese Cats should be fed 2 sized meals a day, making sure that each meal has enough protein, carbohydrates and fats to ensure optimal health. Siamese kittens or younger cats must be fed 3 to 4 meals a day, ensuring each meal is smaller, to provide sufficient nutrients throughout the day.

Do Siamese cats have sensitive stomachs?

Some breeds of cats are at a higher risk for allergies and sensitivities than others. Your cat may be experiencing a mix of inhalant allergies alongside their food allergies. For instance, Siamese cats or Siamese crosses are genetically at higher risk for developing food allergies.

What do you need to know about Siamese cats?

Siamese cats are people-oriented and don’t like being left alone for extended periods of time. If you work long hours, consider getting 2 Siamese cats so they can entertain each other when you’re gone. Rest assured they will fill you in on the day’s events when you arrive home.

What do you call a seal point Siamese cat?

Mum is a seal point, her name is pandora Dad is a grand champion chocolate point siamese, With many champions in his line. Pictures of dad can be seen. Only people who want a forever pet to enquire please as th

What can I do to keep my Siamese cat off the mantel?

As mentioned above, you can prevent your Siamese from lounging on the mantel or swinging from the drapes by providing lots of high places like cat trees for perching and climbing. For cat “burglars” who like to raid kitchen cabinets, child-proof fasteners can help keep your Siamese out of trouble.

How often should I brush my Siamese cat?

LOW: This cat breed has a short, silky coat that requires minimum maintenance. Brush the coat once per week and be sure to clean the ears and teeth, and trim the nails regularly. MEDIUM: While this cat breed is considered to be healthy with no notable genetic diseases, there are some problems common for Siamese cats: