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What did the Russian blue cat look like?

What did the Russian blue cat look like?

She described them as having short, silvery fur, large ears, wide-set eyes and lean faces, with sweet, intelligent personalities—in short, much the same as the Russian Blue of today. In 1912, the cats were well enough established that they could be shown in a class of their own instead of being lumped together with other blue cats.

Why does my Russian Blue Cat get anxious?

Lack of attention can cause him to become anxious or fearful. While the Russian Blue loves your company, he is capable of entertaining himself during the day while you are at work.

How to take care of a Russian Blue Cat?

The Russian Blue is generally healthy, however. An owner’s main concern will probably be this cat’s hearty Russian appetite, which can turn him from sleek to stout in no time. The Russian Blue’s dense coat should be combed twice a week to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils.

How many kittens does Belle full beautiful Russian Blue have?

Belle full beautiful Russian blue has had a beautiful litter of 4 beautiful kittens. Kittens are all developing really well, they are brought up in a busy household. Kittens have lots of human interaction, used to other cats and young enough to be homed with cat savvy dogs. Kittens wil

Where can I get a Russian Blue Cat?

Krasavitsa Cattery in Aldinga Beach, South Australia – Registered Breeder of Russian Blues and Russian Whites Although Blue (a silvery grey with transparent hair tips) is the most common, well-known and popular colour and has given this breed the name, Russian Cats actually also come in White and Black.

Why do White Russian cats have blue spots?

White Russians are most often born with some blue spots, which are mainly located on their heads. These spots, which disappear completely by the time the kitten grows one year old, demonstrate that the underlying genetic colour of the White Russian is Blue – their Blue is only “masked” by the White colour.

Are there any Russian Blue Cats Without pedigree papers?

Many kittens which are advertised as Russian Blues without pedigree papers are crosses or simply grey domestic moggie kittens that have nothing to do with a real Russian, so be careful who you buy your kitten from! It is always a good idea to visit the breeder and see the kittens’ parents and their papers before you commit.

Are there any blue tabby cats in Australia?

In Australia, they are also bred in the colours White and Black, and even Tabby, but only the Blue colour is recognised worldwide. These cats are very intelligent, friendly and calm. They usually get along very well with other pets, and are very patient and gentle with children.