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What does cat sitting include?

What does cat sitting include?

Cat sitting in its most basic sense is a service wherein a person comes over to your home to care for your cat while you are away, such as on vacation or business travel. It is the opposite of taking your cat to a boarding facility to be cared for exclusively at that location.

Can I Leave My Kitten Alone with my cat?

The new cat should stay in its own room for at least a few days. Do not leave the new cat and resident cat alone together until they are fully acquainted. The introduction period is usually short with kittens. but takes longer with adult cats.

Are there any tips for better cat sitting services?

Cat-Sitting Services: 3 tips for better cat sitting & why every other day visits shouldn’t be an option. Picture this: You arrive at a home to check on a cat for a family whom you’ve been providing cat-sitting services while they are away on a two-week vacation.

How much does Kitty Kat pet sitting services cost?

Kitty Kat Pet Sitting Services, Inc. is licensed, insured and bonded. New Clients receive their First Visit Free when booking 3 days or more ($45.00 discount). For any referral given that signs up a new client for Kitty Kat Pet Sitting Services, you receive One Free Visit.

Can a cat warm up to a pet sitter?

Plus, every pet sitter agrees that there’s no feeling quite like that of having a particularly finicky, shy or timid cat finally warm up to you on your pet-sitting visits.

Do you need a one time pet sitter?

Whether you need a one time sitter, or regular drop-in visits, we can help you connect with a reliable pet lover that fits your specific needs. A good pet sitter will provide your cat with the tender love and care they need when you can’t be with them and will leave you with peace of mind knowing your cat is in good hands.

Why is my cat sitting weird?

Stress might be one of the reasons behind a cat acting weird. How to help: Disrupt your cat’s routine as little as possible by keeping her in a separate room with her toys, litter box, food and bed while you pack and move. Then keep her in a safe room at your new place while you unpack and rearrange.

Why do cats like sitting?

Wherever your focus and gaze is, that’s exactly where they want to be. Another reason cats like to sit on your things has everything to do with their body temperature. A cat’s body temp rests at about 102 degrees, and they’re well-known to find warm places to help keep the temperature up.

Should I crate my kitten at night?

Crating a tiny kitten will keep him safe and out of trouble at night while everyone else sleeps. And crating an elderly cat who gets confused will make him feel secure and safe. If you crate your cat at night, make sure the crate is comfortable .

Can my kitten get a bath?

If a kitten is at least 8 weeks of age, you can begin to bathe him using kitten shampoo, according to the Animal Compassion Network. Never use shampoos made for people or for cats of any age. Grooming products made for people are way too aggressive for felines, especially wee kittens.