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What to do if you think your cat had a stroke?

What to do if you think your cat had a stroke?

If you suspect your cat is exhibiting signs of a stroke, take it to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital at once. Be sure to provide the veterinarian with your cat’s full medical history to assist in identifying possible underlying causes of the stroke.

Why does my cat feel dizzy all the time?

Dizziness in cats is difficult to detect, as they can’t speak and tell you how they feel. However, a dizzy cat may look confused and can walk in circles or fall down. The causes of dizziness range from low blood pressure to medication side effects.

Are there any medications that can cause dizziness in cats?

A good example would be metoclopramide, which is used to prevent vomiting in cats. A cure of metronidazole, which is used to cure giardia in cats, can also have main side effects such as dizziness. Always read the side effects of the medication your vet prescribes, and consult your vet when additional side effects occur.

What causes dizziness in a cat with an ear infection?

Ear Problems. If the cat has an ear infection or ear mites, he will have several symptoms, including dizziness. The cat will look confused and will lack balance. The cat will also shake his head trying to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling and itchiness in the head, and this will in turn cause more dizziness.

What does it mean when a cat has vestibular disease?

Vestibular disease is a condition in which a cat suddenly develops incoordination, falling or circling to one side, involuntary darting of the eyes back and forth (called nystagmus), a head tilt, and often nausea or vomiting.

Why is my cat acting drunk?

Cats can appear drunk for several reasons. If your kitty had a seizure, he/she could be in the post ictus phase. This phase is characterized by disorientation, weakness and difficulty walking. Diabetes can bring about dangerous changes in blood glucose levels, and this is very disorienting for cats. They can act drunk and dizzy.

Why is my cat walking sideways?

Your kitten could be walking sideways due to an inner or middle ear infection, which affects ‘balance’ and it could be holding it’s head to one side, on the side where the ear is involved. Also, various neurological conditions can cause a cat to walk sideways and cock it’s head to one side.

Why does my cat keep falling over?

A loss of balance commonly occurs when a cat is suffering from vestibular disease. Your cat may experience issues with standing on all four legs, and you may even notice your cat leaning or falling over at times, which can be a frightening sight.

Why is my cat disoriented?

Determine if your cat has escaped outside. Some cats become disoriented when they escape from their territory. This may be an indoor-only cat who has gotten outside, or an outdoor cat who has escaped from their owner when not in their territory. Being out of their territory can make them scared and disoriented.