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Can Mometamax be used in cats?

Can Mometamax be used in cats?

Do not use in cats. CAUTIONS: The use of these components has been associated with deafness or partial hearing loss in some dogs (e.g. geriatric).

How long does it take for inner ear infection to heal in cats?

That said, most cats with otitis interna respond well to medical management. Expect a two- to four-month course of oral antibiotics to prevent a relapse. The altered sense of balance that generally accompanies otitis interna typically improves within two to six weeks.

Is it safe to give mometamax to kittens?

Mometamax Otic Suspension is typically used for cats and dogs. If you have exotic animals or farm animals with an ear infection, you should consult your vet before treating them with Mometamax for dogs and cats. Can I Give This to My Kittens or Puppies? Mometamax should be safe for use on kittens and puppies.

How long does it take for mometamax to show results?

Mometamax for dogs and cats should start to show results in as little as seven days. However, it can take longer to show improvement depending on the severity of the infection, your cat or dog’s overall health, and the type of condition under treatment. How Should I Store This Medicine?

What do you need to know about mometamax?

Product Overview. Mometamax is prescription ear infection treatment for dogs that contains gentamicin, an antibacterial, mometasone, an anti-inflammatory, and clotrimazole, an anti-fungal medication. Combined, these ingredients treat ear infections and keep your pet healthy.

How often should I give my Dog mometamax?

For maximum efficiency, use this daily for at least seven days, or however long your vet has asked you to. These are general guidelines. You should ask your vet for specific treatment protocols for your cat or dog after examination, depending on the severity of the infection. Are There Any Mometamax Side Effects or Precautions I Should Take?

How does mometamax work for dogs and cats?

Overview of Mometamax for Dogs and Cats Mometamax is a medication to treat ear infections in dogs and cats. Otitis externa (outer ear infections) commonly include infection with both bacteria and yeast organisms. Many medications designed to treat these infections will include multiple medications to treat all aspects of the infection.

Are there any side effects to using mometamax?

Precautions and Adverse Side-Effects of Mometamax. Signs of allergy to Mometamax® may include skin reactions, hives, and redness of the treated area. Use of Mometamax® has been associated with partial hearing loss in a small number of geriatric dogs. It can be temporary in some dogs.

How is mometamax used to treat dog ear infections?

cw-icon-heart Created with Sketch. Mometamax Otic Suspension is a topical prescription medication used to treat canine ear infections caused by yeast and bacteria. Mometamax is a once-a-day treatment that’s easy to administer—simply apply directly into the infected ear canal to help reduce inflammation in your pup’s ears.

When to stop giving mometasone to your dog?

If you notice hearing loss, head tilt or dizziness in your pet undergoing treatment with Mometamax® stop the treatment and call your veterinarian immediately. The steroid component of Mometamax®, mometasone has the advantage of having a lower risk of systemic corticosteroid signs than some other ear medications.