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Do pregnant cats need special food?

Do pregnant cats need special food?

Pregnant cats need more calories and protein, both present in a good quality kitten food formula. Feeding the mother with kitten food also favors the litter: they will try to imitate their mother as much as they can, and will start eating solid food whilst being weaned.

Can pregnant cat drink milk?

At the beginning of her pregnancy, you should feed your queen a fat-rich diet, specifically designed to support gestation and, later, the production of milk to feed her kittens. Switch her onto this food progressively by mixing it with her existing food, starting with 25% new food and 75% existing food.

What kind of food should I Feed my pregnant cat?

We recommend feeding Hill’s® Science Diet® Kitten Food formulas as soon as you discover your cat is pregnant. These formulas are rich in essential nutrients and support development of the kittens during pregnancy. It’s always best to talk to your veterinarian about a food recommendation for your pregnant or nursing cat.

What to do with a pregnant cat during weaning?

Restricting food to the queen before and during weaning can help her taper off her milk production, making her a bit more comfortable. On day one of weaning, withhold the queen’s food, allowing the kittens to eat their food while they are away from their mother. They can all be together that night, and the kittens will suckle a bit.

What happens if you feed a pregnant cat?

Malnutrition can result in low birth weight of the kittens and put them at risk for several health conditions resulting in a reduced survival rate. 1 The goal is optimal nourishment for both the mother and her kittens. Specifically, here are nutritional priorities: Key questions and answers about pregnancy and nutritional priorities.

When is the best time to feed a kitten?

Periodic assessments of the queen’s body condition provide opportunities to fine-tune feedings. Feeding during lactation is best accomplished using a highly-digestible, high quality kitten food. Peak milk production occurs at 3-4 weeks of lactation, but the peak energy requirement occurs at 6-7 weeks postpartum (after birth).

What is the best food for a pregnant cat?

The best food for a pregnant cat is kitten food. This is higher in calories than regular cat food and is easily digestible. She should eat her regular diet until the fourth week of pregnancy, at this time you should slowly change her diet over to the kitten food.

How do you care for a pregnant cat?

10 most essential tips on taking care of a pregnant cat Learn about each stage of cat pregnancy. Regular veterinary visits are a must. Keep the pregnant cat indoors. Ensure proper nutrition. Pregnant cat needs some exercise. Give her some space. Beware of vaccinations and parasites. Keep other cats away from the pregnant one if possible.

What to feed pregnant or nursing cats?

Nursing cats need to eat regularly. Nursing cats require plenty of water . Mama cats have an increased requirement for calcium and phosphorus to support the kittens’ bone development. Just like when she was pregnant, kitten food is the best source of calorie-dense, concentrated nutrition for your lactating queen.

What do pregnant cats need?

Pregnant cats need plenty of water. If possible, get a drinkwell fountain to make sure she gets a fresh supply throughout the day. Add some canned moist food in her diet to help push out wastes. You can also give her kitten milk replacer in place of regular milk.