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How are Russian Blue Cats different from Siamese cats?

How are Russian Blue Cats different from Siamese cats?

Because some Russian Blues were bred with Siamese to strengthen breed for a period of time after World War II, the Siamese colorpoint genes do appear. When Russian Blues who carry the colorpoint genes are bred, they will have a litter of mixed colored kittens including white kittens with blue Siamese points on their ears, mask, paws and tails.

What kind of cat is Bluestar in Warriors?

Bluestar is a Russian Blue cat in the Warriors series. Bluestar is a member of the StarClan, the fifth clan and spirit home of the cats warrior ancestors, in the Warrior series.

What was the legend of the Russian Blue Cat?

Marty the cat inspired Nyan Cat and made history. In Russian folklore, Russian Blues were considered good luck and healing charms. One legendary story is that a Russian Blue once healed a Russian prince who was sick. Another legend is that Russian Blues traveled around the world with Cossacks, riding on their horses.

What kind of fur does a Russian Blue Cat have?

Russian Blue cats have double fur coats. Their fur grows in two short and thick layers called the topcoat and the undercoat. It’s the topcoat which makes their fur shiny and evenly blue. It is filled with blue colored guard hairs which have silver tips.

How did Maija the Siamese cat get his name?

Leiningen (a Red Point) is named after ‘Leiningen vs. the Ants’ a short story about an eccentric plantation owner. Maija (Seal Point) is named after a friend of mine. Mr Mew (like the cute Pokemon!) The way he cries he actually says ‘mew’ – he’s so cute and actually looks like the Pokemon. He’s a Seal Point 🙂

What do the points on a Siamese cat Mean?

The Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes four important Siamese breeds, chocolate point, lilac point, seal point, and blue point. These points refer to the flashes of color that mostly reflect on the legs, face, tail, and ears. Siamese cat demands a lot of attention and does not like to be left aloof.

Can a seal point Siamese cat be possessive?

The seal point can turn out to be an extremely possessive and protective pet when compared with the other pets. They would love to hover around their owner and not leave them alone even for a minute. Whenever one imagines a seal point Siamese cat, they may only have a picture of it being sleek and slim.

What’s the name of my Lynx Siamese cat?

Finnegan means white in Irish and our Lynx Siamese is all white! When I first brought him home he was a tiny fluff ball that I rescued from a truck engine. My little girl was immediately attached to the cute, furry ball of fluff and wanted to name ‘her’ Gabriella.