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How many people live in the Arctic in Canada?

How many people live in the Arctic in Canada?

Although the Arctic makes up 40% of Canada’s land mass, only about 150,000 people – less than 1% of the population, live there. Over half of its residents are Aboriginal, comprised of First Nation, Inuit and Metis peoples; a significant proportion of the Aboriginal people live in small, isolated communities.

Where do people live north of the Arctic Circle?

Tens of thousands of years ago, waves of people migrated from eastern Siberia across the Bering Strait into North America to settle. The largest communities north of the Arctic Circle are situated in Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden: Murmansk (population 295,374), Norilsk (178,018), Tromsø (75,638), Vorkuta (58,133), and Kiruna (16,936).

What is the current extent of Arctic sea ice?

About the data The March 2020 Arctic sea ice extent was 14.78 million square kilometers (5.71 million square miles).

How often does the Arctic Circle occur each year?

Directly on the Arctic Circle these events occur, in principle, exactly once per year: at the June and December solstices, respectively.

How much of Canada is north of the Arctic Circle?

Similarly, the Far North (when contrasted to the North) may refer to the Canadian Arctic: the portion of Canada that lies north of the Arctic Circle, east of Alaska and west of Greenland. This area covers approximately 40% of Canada’s total land area, but has less than 1% of Canada’s population.

What kind of land does Canada have in the Arctic?

The Canadian High Arctic is massive. Canada has more land mass in the Arctic region than any other country – but relatively little population base. Canada’s High Arctic includes lands in Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.

Where can I find Canada’s Arctic marine atlas?

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How big is the Arctic Archipelago in square miles?

The Canadian Arctic Archipelago, simply known as the Arctic Archipelago, is a group of islands on the north of mainland Canada. The archipelago is situated on the extreme north of North America and covers an area of approximately 550,000 square miles. It consists of 94 major islands and 36,469 minor islands on the Arctic Sea,…