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Is gentian violet bad for cats?

Is gentian violet bad for cats?

According to the classifica- tion system used by Gleason et el. (1969), gentian violet is “very toxic” in guinea pigs, rabbits and cats and “moderately toxic” in mice, rats and dogs.

Why is gentian violet banned in Canada?

Canadians are being advised to stop using health products and veterinary drugs containing gentian violet, an antiseptic dye used to treat fungal infections. Following a safety review, Health Canada concluded that exposure to these products could increase a person’s risk of cancer.

Is gentian violet banned in Australia?

No veterinary products containing crystal (gentian) violet are currently registered for use in Australia. Contact the APVMA for copies of the APVMA Gazette notice: Cancellation of registration for agricultural products.

Is gentian violet bad for you?

This medicine may stain clothing or skin. This medicine may cause harm if swallowed. If gentian violet is swallowed, call a doctor or poison control center right away.

Is gentian violet a carcinogen?

Gentian violet is a mutagen, a mitotic poison, and a clastogen. The carcinogenic effects of gentian violet in rodents have been reported recently. In addition, a number of triphenylmethane-classed dyes, of which gentian violet is a member, have been recognized as animal and human carcinogens.

Is gentian violet safe for hair?

Avoid using gentian violet in homemade hair dye.

Will gentian violet hurt my baby?

The reason to treat is the mother’s and/or the baby’s discomfort. Babies, however, do not commonly seem to be bothered by thrush. 11)Uncommonly, babies who are treated with gentian violet develop sores in the mouth which may cause them to reject the breast.

Is gentian violet safe to eat?

Can I use gentian violet in my mouth?

Do not apply inside the mouth, nose, or ears unless directed by your doctor. This medication is a dye and will stain skin and clothing. Do not apply to open sores (skin ulcers). This may cause permanent “tattooing” of the skin.

Is it safe to use gentian violet on cats?

The worst thing is that it stains badly, so watch the furniture. It might be best to apply right before your cat eats, so it will be distracted and not just lick the violet off. I am not aware of it being toxic to cats. I know it is sometimes used around the mouths of infants. Dr. Dahl Dr. Dahl, Veterinarian Category: Cat Veterinary

How is gentian violet used to treat thrush?

Gentian violet is a low-concentration antiseptic dye (1%) used to treat different skin infections. While it’s not the most common thrush treatment, it does have some efficacy in treating this condition. Because it will stain the skin and likely cause an unpleasant sensation in the mouth, it’s usually prescribed for nipple thrush.

Can you use gentian violet for an ear infection?

For a fungal ear infection, the preferred option is clotrimazole suspension for three weeks. Gentian violet stains the ear canal, and affects visualisation.

What can I give my Cat for ringworm?

Since the lesion you are treating is at a location she can reach with her tongue, I would recommend talking with your veterinarian about getting a good oral antifungal. If you want to try topicals first, see if your vet has Conofite lotion, a miconazole product.