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Is the lollipop questioning a good fad?

Is the lollipop questioning a good fad?

Lollipop questioning is just a follysticks fad that sucks. As Richard McFahn says in his blog, “What schools need to do is spend their time and energy thinking about what questioning is for: to help students think through talk.”

Why do so many teachers use lollipop sticks?

Lots of teachers rely on lollipop questions and use them to avoid the any unconscious bias towards particular children. If that’s the case Tom has a suggestion: “Then that teacher needs to think more closely about how he or she asks questions.

What did Tom Bennett say about lollipop sticks?

Tom Bennett doesn’t care for lollipop sticks either. In fact, he thinks you can stick ’em. He once posted on Twitter “Save $$$ by simply choosing for yourself like an adult.” He was pleasantly surprised to find himself having to dig out his knight’s armour after a backlash of teachers jumped in defence of using them and a Lollipop War ensued.

What does David didau say about Folly sticks?

As David Didau says, “the power to select who answers our questions should be treasured.” The result? Follysticks. Just ask a question and allow a hands-up culture to thrive. Overall, whatever mechanism you use to ask questions, it’s the quality of your question – who it is targeted to and why – and the quality of feedback that counts.

What is the meaning of the word Lolly?

2. British short for ice lolly 3. British, Australian and New Zealand a slang word for money 4. Australian and New Zealand informal 5. See do the lolly Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…

What’s the difference between a lolly and a stick?

A lolly is a sweet consisting of a hard disc or ball of a sugary substance on the end of a stick. faltering economy or industrial economies? Which version is correct? The programme has wide significance for other advanced faltering economy.

What kind of mould do you need for a lolly?

Ideally, you will need an ice lolly mould, which is very cheap. A lolly is a sweet consisting of a hard disc or ball of a sugary substance on the end of a stick. censor or sensor? Drag the correct answer into the box. Television companies tend to bad language in feature films. sang or sung? Drag the correct answer into the box.

How do you make a Lolly from ice?

Use a lolly stick or your finger to smooth things over. Pour the mixture into a lolly mould and freeze for four hours. They survive by selling ice lollies on the streets. Repeat the layers to fill the moulds and then insert a lolly stick into each. The teachers gave us ice lollies and we had a party afterwards.