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Points to be Remembered While Choosing a Hotel Management College

A degree in hotel management prepares aspiring graduates for a career in the hospitality industry, specifically in the field of managing hotels, guesthouses and inns. The hotel industry is quite large and serves to provide guests with not only top-class accommodation but also food, drinks and other services. This industry falls under the broader category of the hospitality industry, which covers a wide range of businesses including hotels, nightclubs, casinos, resorts and transportation.

As a result, candidates who wish to make it in the industry are expected to possess skills such as:

  • Good communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Multi-tasking abilities

A degree in this field is quite lucrative because of the surge of both indigenous and foreign tourists. The trend, may face a downturn due to global events, but it always surges as the need to explore is embedded in the human DNA. Graduates from the course have the opportunity to work not only in the restaurant and hotel management business but also in the field of catering, airline catering and guest house management. Whether one wishes to manage a luxury 5-star hotel or open a restaurant, studying at a highly reputed hotel management college always helps.

Here are a few things to look out for before choosing a college to pursue a degree in hotel management:

Quality of Course Content

Checking the reputation of a college for its academic curriculum and inspecting the course modules is essential irrespective of the field one wishes to pursue. The course content must be relevant to the latest developments in the industry. The hands-on nature of the hospitality industry separates it from other conventional ones, and this makes practical learning a crucial part of the program. It cannot be stressed enough that a program one chooses must offer practical internship opportunities. That is why the best colleges for hotel management will try and include as much practical learning opportunities as possible.

Equipment and Facilities 

The best hotel management institutes offer a safe and hygienic environment to put theoretical knowledge to use. Hotel management covers niche fields such as wine-tasting and gourmet cooking, and those interested in pursuing such careers field must check whether the college is well equipped with the required facilities.

Affiliations & Accreditations

The main recruiters for hotel management students include big names like Marriott, Trident, Hyatt and The Oberoi Group with job profiles ranging from head chef to front desk manager. Top hotel management colleges are accredited by reputed institutions, which only boost one’s profile in the eyes of the employer.


This is perhaps the most important factor to look out for. Official placement figures are always available on a university’s website. Reaching out to the alumni network and having a word regarding how helpful the university is when it comes to placements will help out in the long run.

International Exposure

Opportunities to work abroad are always well received, and this is no different for the hospitality industry. Not only will students be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and experiences, but this will also shine on one’s profile.