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What is brooding in poultry?

What is brooding in poultry?

Brooding can simply defined as. “Application of heat to the birds at early part of their life”. Brooding is the care of young chicks by provision of optimum environment. The temperature by external heat source provided until the chicks not become able to regulate its body temperature efficiently.

Why is it important to raise poultry?

The purpose of raising chickens is to provide protein for the family and sale for cash income. Chickens raising is very popular among rural people because of the small investment and short time to income. However, chickens raising faces many problems and farmers rarely get the benefit that they expect.

What is natural brooding?

Natural incubation or brooding is the simplest way of hatching a small number of eggs. A broody hen (chicken) will incubate her own eggs or those of another hen or a duck. Broody hens may refuse to leave the eggs to eat or drink. They can suffer from external parasites (e.g.mites, fleas).

What is brooding and why is my hen doing it?

What is brooding? Brooding is a natural instinct that many chickens have to set on their next and hatch a clutch of eggs. It is an overwhelming desire to sit on the clutch, incubate the eggs, hatch them and mother a brood of chicks. Some breeds are more prone to it than others and for those looking to keep egg production up it can be …

Why is it important to have a brooder in the House?

The brooder should be predator proof as possible. Of course, if you are keeping the brooder in the house, that is less of a problem. Then you will only need to concern yourself with family pets and toddlers. However, if your brooder is elsewhere it is important to protect the chicks from their natural enemies.

What do you need to know about artificial brooding?

Before placing the chicks with the hen she would be examined for her good health and free from lice, tick and other ectoparasites. Artificial brooding can be defined as the handling of newly born chicks without the aid of hens. It is accomplished by means of a temperature-controlled brooder (foster mother).

Why is it important to brood chicks in poultry?

Brooding in poultry is mostly artificial because of the economic benefits. Artificial brooding allows the farmer to brood a large number of chicks at a time. Ranging from several hundreds to thousands.