When to get a companion cat for Your Cat?

When to get a companion cat for Your Cat?

Once your cat has been allowed a period of adjustment, you might consider getting another companion cat, if your remaining cat is used to having feline company. The way in which cats relate to each other is very much on an individual basis. Some adult cats may be more likely to accept a kitten, possibly because the kitten is younger and smaller.

Do You Want Your Cat to be your best friend?

Ideally, we’d all like our cats to be best buddies who play together, groom each other, and snuggle together. Some cats will bond like that, others will get along but may not ever become close friends, and some cats are confirmed only cats who will never accept a companion.

Can you match an elderly cat with a kitten?

For an elderly resident cat, don’t try to match her up with a kitten. Kittens have very little respect for territory and boundaries. The revved-up kitten’s attempts at playful curiosity may end up being too stressful to the senior cat.

Can a younger cat play with an older cat?

The two are at different life stages, and the older resident may not have the same energy levels as the younger, or the same personality. If you are looking for a playmate for your older cat, aim for an animal that is the same age or temperament of the current feline.

Can a timid cat have a younger companion?

But if even one thing changes, they may fall into catastrophe.” If you truly feel that your cat would be happier with a younger companion, consider your resident cat’s temperament when selecting a companion. If you have a timid cat, she would probably do better with a laid back, calm, mellow cat.

How old was my cat when I got married?

I am thinking especially of cats who have lived 10+ years without another cat around. When my ex and I got married, she had a black angora that she’d raised from a kitten and was, at that time, 16 years old. She was starting to really show her age, and would lay around, almost as if she were just waiting to move on into the next life.

When do you Know Your Cat needs a friend?

Just like people, cats can become lethargic when they’re bored, lonely, or depressed, Krieger says. If you notice your cat has become listless and low-energy, it could be a sign that he would benefit from having a feline pal around. However, a feline friend may not be the only solution, Krieger points out.

Can a kitten be a friend to an adult cat?

They often say they want their existing cat to have a “friend” — but the adult cat hardly thinks of the newcomer (especially a kitten) as a friend. Either way, it seems unlikely that the two will ever become buddies.