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Why is my cat bald on her stomach?

Why is my cat bald on her stomach?

Stress and anxiety: When cats are stressed and obsessively lick and scratch, they can lose hair. Vets call this “psychogenic alopecia.” Cats that have it tend to pick at their belly, sides, and legs. It’s most common in female purebreds with nervous personalities.

Why do Cats lose hair under their belly and back legs?

They beginning to loose hair under their belly and back legs. the hair look like it was shaved with alittle even at the skin. No sores or irritation. I’m not sure what to say about this. It is usually very obvious when fur has been shaven as it has neat edges. It is also strange that it has happened to all of them.

What should I do if my cat is losing fur on her belly?

Most of the time we don’t do much in the way of treatment. However, if it is getting excessive then you can talk to your vet about prescribing a medication called amitryptiline which can help reduce anxiety levels. There are other conditions that can cause hair loss such as a parasite called demodex, allergies and more.

Is it normal for a back end Cat to lose weight?

In short, there can be skinny back cats but are normal, and there are those that aren’t. For anyone who has raised moggies and lived through their development stages, losing weight at the back end can be assumed as signs of digestive malfunctions.

Why is my kitten thin at the back end?

However, not giving them anything to eat for an entire day doesn’t account for the skinny back. Hunger has to be a lengthy situation to cause weight loss and thinning. If the kitten eats regularly but is still losing weight, it could be due to appetite loss or digestion issues.

Why is my cat losing fur on her belly?

There are other conditions that can cause hair loss such as a parasite called demodex, allergies and more. As always, if concerned it’s best to have your vet take a look. But, likely this is nothing to be worried about.

Why do Cats lose hair on the back of their tails?

Well, the causes for fur fallout on the back near the tail or at the base of the tail are numerous. Anything that can result in hair loss anywhere in the body would as well result in hair loss in this area. In addition, hair loss in the two areas can occur during mating.

What to do if your cat loses hair on his underside?

If your cat loses an abnormal amount of hair on his underside — enough so that you’re reading up about it on the Internet — schedule a veterinarian appointment. This is doubly important if your cat is obsessively biting, licking or scratching his underside, as this behavior can lead to secondary wounds and infections.

Is it normal for cats to lose their fur?

Many adult cats also experience preauricular alopecia — thinning of fur on the skin strip between the ears and the eyes, which is considered normal in cats, Dr. Hayworth says. What about acquired alopecia in cats?