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Why is my cat suddenly so timid?

Why is my cat suddenly so timid?

Cats are creatures of habit, so a change in their routine or home environment can cause them to feel nervous and shy away. If you’ve recently had a new baby, got a new cat or other pet, moved home or redecorated, your cat may be feeling unsettled.

How old was my cat when I rescued him?

I rescued a 6 month old male who was about to be euthanized by a pet store about 1 and 1/2 years ago. It was love at first sight for me, but he couldn’t be held, couldn’t be touched, wouldn’t come near me or anyone else for close to a year.

How often should I spend time with my timid cat?

Once you have a familiar set routine for him, you can then spend a short while (maybe 5 or 10 minutes) several times a day, throughout the day just being near him, preferably where he can see you, giving her your full attention.

How long has it been since my cat jumped on the sofa?

Food and toys that give him a little space between the two of us have been enormously helpful in his domestication. It has been almost 2 years and only within the last month has he started jumping up on the sofa beside me and if he is looking the other way, he allows me to pet him briefly.

What happens when you take on a cat for the first time?

When you take on a cat or kitten it may be quiet and wary for the first few days or even the first few weeks until it gets used to you and its new environment. However, some cats remain very fearful despite a gentle welcome and time to settle in. This can cause their owners great anxiety because they feel the cat is not happy.

Can you have more than one cat at a time?

Keep in mind that relationships in cats are usually between pairs of cats. Just because your cat liked one cat, it may not mean that he will accept another. Some cats are naturally easy-going and friendly; others are timid and shy; still others are very assertive and active.

Can a timid cat have a younger companion?

But if even one thing changes, they may fall into catastrophe.” If you truly feel that your cat would be happier with a younger companion, consider your resident cat’s temperament when selecting a companion. If you have a timid cat, she would probably do better with a laid back, calm, mellow cat.

How are two cats different from one another?

Those differences in personality can have a profound effect on how two cats may get along. An easy-going cat may accept most other cats, while a timid and shy cat may be reluctant to accept another cat, depending on the new cat’s personality. An active and assertive cat may overwhelm quieter and more timid cats, making introductions difficult.

When is it time to get another cat?

If your older cat is happy, comfortable and content, carefully think about whether the stress of having to adjust to life with another cat will really be of benefit or not. If your adult resident cat is playful, healthy, sociable and energetic, then a kitten might be a good choice.