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Why is my guinea pig not using its back legs?

Why is my guinea pig not using its back legs?

A common reason for leg weakness is the joint problem. Make sure that your guinea pig leg is not wrenched or fractured. The spinal problem, such as distended discs or dislocated bones, is a significant risk as well. A guinea pig that is not able to use their hind legs needs regular support.

What does it mean when a guinea pig won’t eat or drink?

Anything that causes your guinea pig not to eat/drink, such as disease, dental disease, pain, stress, or starvation, can lead to gastrointestinal stasis. Be sure to have your vet check your guinea pig’s teeth for overgrowth or misalignment. A guinea pig’s teeth are constantly growing.

Why is my guinea pig getting skinny but still eating?

Malnourishment, improper diet plan, dental problems, stress & other health issues can trigger weight loss in guinea pigs. Continuous Weight loss in guinea pigs can be fatal for their life. Always visit a veterinarian if you see any signs of illness accompanied by weight loss in them.

Why is my guinea pig not drinking water?

My guinea pig won’t drink his water or eat his food and has definitely lost weight. He may be underweight. He looks dull in the eyes. I have tried giving him guinea pig food

What should I do if my guinea pig won’t eat?

Unfortunately, there are no home remedies that can help your guinea pig if offering his favorite foods and water do not help him start eating again. My suggestion is to get him to a veterinarian as soon as you can.

Why does my guinea pig not move his back legs?

We took him to our regular vet who, unfortunately, didn’t specialize in exotics, and all she could say is that it might have been a stroke or spinal injury, and it might get better or might not (not real helpful). Fortunately, our guinea pig slowly improved over the next 10 days to where he could again use his back legs.

What happens when a guinea pig is sick?

Guinea pigs are a prey species, which means they try to hide when they feel unwell or sick. A dying guinea pig is likely to hide away, not eat or drink, and not pass pellets. Thanks!

What happens if a guinea pig stops eating?

If your guinea pig is not eating their food, then the same can affect their gut movement. If your guinea pig doesn’t eat their food for 12-24 hours, then their health can go bad in no time. They will start experiencing severe digestive problems and will need a professional Veterinarian help immediately.

What can I Feed my guinea pig that won’t eat or drink?

Your vet may recommend syringe-feeding a special herbivore diet, such as Oxbow’s Critical CareTM, or you can mix ground up pellets with fresh greens, vegetable baby foods, water, or juice to form a gruel. Introduce the syringe tip into the mouth behind the front incisors and depress the plunger slowly, giving your guinea pig time to swallow.

Is it normal for a guinea pig to drink water?

Don’t expect to see him drink if he eats grass and vegs; my piggies have never drunk a drop of water for months now but they and are well hydrated.

What should I do if my guinea pig won’t move?

Guinea pigs are prey animals, first and foremost. If you can, please get a same sex companion as soon as possible. That should get him eating and moving. Also be aware that he has likely not yet had much in the way of veg and lacks the guidance from an older guinea pig on what is safe to eat and what not.