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Is there a veterinary shortage?

Is there a veterinary shortage?

A Shortage of Veterinarians and Technicians. Studies by economist and former University of Florida veterinary college dean Dr. Jim Lloyd point to a growing shortage of veterinarians in the range of 3,000 to 5,000. As baby-boomer veterinarians retire (approaching a 2,000-a-year pace), the shortage grows.

Do veterinarians make more money than doctors?

Veterinarians and doctors have very different requirements and salaries, but require doctorate-level education and a state-administered license to practice professionally. Doctors earn higher average salaries than veterinarians.

Can a veterinarian sign an APHIS health certificate?

APHIS cannot endorse any health certificate with an electronic/copied signature of the issuing veterinarian (this includes by email and fax). All signatures on health certificates must be done with pen and ink on paper. A few countries may allow health certificates to be submitted via APHIS’ electronic certification system, called VEHCS.

Can a military veterinarian issue a pet health certificate?

In very limited circumstances, active duty military veterinarians and General Schedule (GS-0701) federal veterinarians working for the military (this does not include civilian veterinarians working on a military base) can examine your pet as well as issue and endorse (stamp) pet health certificates.

Can a USDA accredited veterinarian travel with a pet?

For all other pets, any USDA Accredited veterinarian may assist. You should also contact the company transporting the pet (e.g. airline, cruise line) to see if they have additional or different requirements the pet must meet. Does one health certificate work in all countries? No.

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