What did I Forget to ask you on your date?

What did I Forget to ask you on your date?

I forgot to ask you your name. I forgot to ask you the security questions. There something I forgot to ask you. I forgot to ask you for the trunk keys. I forgot to ask you the other day. I forgot to ask you something. I forgot to ask you how your date went. I nearly forgot why I asked you to join me. I guess Matty forgot it.

Is the phrase’can you pick your brain’overused?

The phrase, while well-intentioned, is overused, vague and way too open-ended. When conversations start this way, there’s no telling where it’ll go or how long it’ll take.

Is it true that I thought you forgot me?

Yes, I didn’t stay in touch often. But don’t you dare think for a second that I didn’t prioritize you. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother explaining to you right now! So next time when you think that I forgot you, pick up the damn phone and call. Don’t keep thinking! Adieu!

What’s the best reply to ” I Forgot you “?

The traditional joke-y reply is, “I could never forget you. What was your name again?” but that’s never funny. The truth is usually good, unless you really did forget them. “No, I just couldn’t reply until now.”

What happens when you apologize for asking a question?

But if you apologize for asking your question, you send the message that asking questions is actually the wrong thing to be doing, which in turn can limit the team’s ability to pull together in pursuit of the same goal. Ultimately, the worst way to learn anything new is to have someone lecture at you.

Are there stupid questions, so please ask away?

“There are no stupid questions, so please ask away!” is a common mantra that’s often ignored. Prefacing your question with “sorry” doesn’t exactly help. I was teaching a class recently when somebody raised his hand to ask a question. After I answered it, then he asked a follow-up, which I responded to as well.

How to say sorry for a late response?

Sorry for the delayed response. Our [insert colleague or superior’s title] has been on the road this week, and I’d like to get another pair of eyes on the documents you requested to make sure the quality is top-notch. I’ll follow up with you when he gets back next week.Sorry for getting back to you so late.