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What should I do if my Maine Coon eats a lot?

What should I do if my Maine Coon eats a lot?

Maine Coons do eat a lot if you let them. Be careful to give your cat the correct amount of food for its size and lifestyle. For instance, an indoor cat will require less food than an outdoor cat. Don’t let your Maine Coon become overweight as this can lead to numerous health issues. Here are some excellent cat treats (opens in a new tab). 16.

What does it mean for a Maine Coon to roam?

To roam means to walk aimlessly and Maine Coons, like most cats never do things aimlessly – they always have a purpose, known only to them. Most people like to keep their Maine Coons indoors and often agree with their breeder to do this.

Why do Maine Coons have tufts on their ears?

Maine Coons always have ear tufts but you’ll notice that on some cats they are longer and thicker than on others. Originally, this breed had tufts to protect their ears in cold climates. Domestic Maine Coons don’t need tufty ears to keep warm but they are a very cute feature. 2. Do Maine Coons act like dogs?

Can a Maine Coon give you an allergy?

Maine Coon cats can cause allergies. If you believe (or know) you have an allergy to cats you should try to establish which substance from a cat you are actually allergic to. In most cases, it is the cat’s dander (dead skin cells) that cause an allergic reaction.

What do you need to know about a Maine Coon?

If you feel your neighborhood is not safe for a Maine Coon to roam in, make sure your home is suitable for a large indoor cat to expend its energy. Adult Maine Coons require regular grooming to keep their coats free of knots. Their fur also picks up all sorts of things, especially if you allow them outside.

Is it bad to tread on a Maine Coon tail?

Maine Coons tails are also a health hazard because they dangle them in your food and drink whenever they get the chance. One more thing, if you tread on a Maine Coon’s tail, you will feel absolutely awful!

When to take a 8 week old Maine Coon kitten outside?

At 8 weeks, it should be a great time to check what vaccinations your Maine Coon kitten will need to go outside. Also, make sure you’re grooming your cat at this point. You can use a fine brush to brush your Maine coon kitten now and then. This will keep your kitten clean and looking fresh.

How much weight does a Maine Coon kitten gain?

Between 3 and 7 months your kitten will gain around 1 pound per month or 0,45kg. This will be spread over these months and one month your kitten will gain 0,5 pounds or 2,5 pounds for example.