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Where can I foster kittens before I adopt them?

Where can I foster kittens before I adopt them?

Your local animal shelter probably has small kittens in need of temporary homes before they are old enough to adopt. There may also be rescue organizations in your area that need help fostering kittens before they are adopted.

Can You foster a cat for a short time?

However, short-term fostering can work well in such situations. Co-ordinating with the rescue, becoming a short-term fosterer allows you the company of cats when you are home, and gives cats in need that vital halfway-house before they are permanently homed.

Can You foster a feral cat for rehoming?

Socialising feral or semi-feral kittens for rehoming can be particularly suited to experienced cat owners, but even if you are not, patience and understanding are the key requirements. For willing new fosterers, there will be people at the rescue able to offer advice and guidance.

Can a senior citizen foster a rescue cat?

Many rescues will arrange ‘permanent fostering’ of Senior Kittizens to Senior Citizens, meaning they never have to give the pet up, and there are no worries about vets bills. People who take several holidays in the year often resist getting a cat as a result. However, short-term fostering can work well in such situations.

When do you let go of a foster cat?

For me, letting go starts the moment I decide to take on a new foster cat. I select foster cats whom I believe I can help, but whom I wouldn’t want to adopt. Generally this means kittens with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (like my past foster Peekaboo) are a great bet for my household.

Where can I find a place to foster a kitten?

Contact your local shelter and let them know you’re interested in fostering kittens. Many shelters have foster programs and will be thrilled to have your help. If your shelter doesn’t have a foster program… Contact a local rescue group about fostering.

Why are there so many kittens in foster homes?

We like to have at least two kittens in a foster home so they can socialize with and learn from each other. Sometimes there are special circumstances in which a kitten goes to a foster home alone, but it’s usually for a medical or behavioral reason. The decision is made by the foster coordinator.

How old do kittens have to be to be fostered in Utah?

That’s why the focus of our kitten foster program is to rescue kittens up to eight weeks of age from shelters in the Salt Lake County area. Not only does fostering help kittens find forever families, it saves their lives and greatly decreases the number of cats and kittens who are killed in Utah shelters each year.