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Why does my cat keep moving just one of her kittens?

Why does my cat keep moving just one of her kittens?

Sometimes a mother cat will decide to move all her kittens to a new location. In this case, a mother cat may move one kitten before returning to her nest to collect the others. You may just have caught her in the middle of her move, so keep an eye on her and see if she’s planning on moving the whole litter.

Why won’t my cat stop moving her kittens?

To put off predators Mother cats possess not only maternal instincts but an ingrained instinct to protect herself and her newborns from predators in the wild. Moving her newborns is a mama cat’s way to throw off predators from the scent of her kittens.

Can you stop a cat from moving her kittens?

The key is to make sure the area is private and clean. Keep the other animals in the household away from them. Also keep the area warm, as kittens can get chilled easily. If you put mom and her babies open in a spare bedroom, she may move her kittens around the room repeatedly.

Is it normal for mother cat to move kittens?

The bottom line here is that moving kittens is a normal mother cat behavior, but that you can prevent or stop the mama cat from moving kittens all too often by understanding, as well as catering, to her essentials.

Is it normal for a mother cat to attack her kittens?

Kittens cannot see or hear when they are born, so they are totally helpless and depend on their mother to protect and nurture them. Maternal aggression towards people and other animals is a very normal mother cat behavior, and it will subside as the kittens grow.

Is it true that my cat just had kittens?

Then at 6 in the morning we woke up to her letting out a howl, flipped on the light, and there she was on our bed beside us with the first kitten on its way out! So far we haven’t touched the kittens.

How old is the cat that just had kittens?

Oh, and we have two other cats. One if 17 years old and I”ve had her since she was just a kitten, and the other is nearly 3. The 3 year old has been hissing at our bedroom door already. Poor girl, she just warmed up to mama and now there are babies! Another reason I want to keep her in the bedroom, so that my unhappy cat can’t get near the kittens.

How old do kittens have to be to move?

You can probably move them at this age, depending on the aggressiveness of the mother cat and how far and different the move is. With kittens this small, you should be very careful and slow, letting the mother cat see everything that is happening.

What to do if mother cat moves kittens?

Check them infrequently throughout the day to let the family adjust to their new surroundings. The mother cat will probably not like the new spot, and may try to move and hide the kittens again. Keeping this in mind, choose a spot where you can keep the mother from doing so by closing a door.

Why does a mother cat move around after giving birth?

However, there are some nutritional issues that can lead to a mother cat acting weird after giving birth. Mother cat behavior towards kittens One common thread among mother cats is that they are likely to move their kittens around quite a bit in the immediate days after birth.

What’s the best place to move a kitten?

Closets in guest or seldom used bedrooms work well, as does a quiet corner of a laundry or mud room. Basements, as long as they are dry and warm, are also a good choice to relocate a kitten nest. Make a new nest once your spot is chosen. A sturdy cardboard box as long and wide as the mother cat makes a great nest.