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Can a kitten outgrow a hernia?

Can a kitten outgrow a hernia?

Reducible hernias typically close off by the time your kitten is about 3 to 4 months old.

What kind of hernia can a cat have?

Just like people, cats can develop hernias. And there are actually a few different types of hernias that can affect felines, such as umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, diaphragmatic hernia, and hiatal hernia.

Can you breed a kitten with an umbilical hernia?

In other words, a kitten might develop an umbilical hernia simply because it is a hereditary problem. For this reason, some experts advise against allowing cats that had umbilical hernias to breed, as they might end up passing this trait to their kittens. What Does an Umbilical Hernia in a Kitten Look Like?

Why does my cat have an incision after surgery?

Other Reasons for a Cat Spay Incision Lump 1 Infections After Being Spayed. It’s possible that your cat has picked up an infection due to having an open wound. 2 Seromas After Being Spayed. Seromas are fairly common after surgery. 3 Hernias After Being Spayed. One of my cat’s had a hernia after being spayed. …

What should the rectal temp of a newborn kitten be?

The rectal temperature of kittens should be 35–37C in the first week, 36–38C in the second and third weeks, and reaches normal adult levels of 38–39C by the fourth week. Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) – Newborn kittens have high energy requirements but no energy reserves so are highly dependent on the milk from the queen.

What causes an umbilical hernia in a kitten?

Causes. Most umbilical hernias in cats are probably inherited although trauma can also be a cause. Diagnosis. Umbilical hernias can usually be diagnosed by finding the swelling caused by the hernia on a physical examination. Treatment. Prevention.

What are the symptoms of a cat hernia?

If you notice a protrusion, your cat probably has a hernia. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, vomiting, loss of appetite, and coughing. If it’s a Diaphragmatic hernia a cat may also have inflammation of the esophagus and excessive drooling.

Is it OK for a kitten to have a saggy belly?

This is normal and left over from the days that cats were wild creatures. The sag allows for the cat to gorge on food and having room for the stomach to expand. Jul 15, 2003

Does my cat have a hernia?

Cats do get hernias. They may have umbilical hernias (in the middle of their abdomen – often present from birth) or inguinal hernias (in the groin region). Other hernias can develop in response to trauma – such as damage to the musculature…