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Does neutering stunt growth in cats?

Does neutering stunt growth in cats?

Early-age neutering does not stunt growth in dogs or cats (a once-held belief), but may alter metabolic rates in cats. To date, adverse side effects are apparently no greater in animals neutered at early ages (7 weeks) than in those neutered at the conventional age (7 months).

Can a cat be spayed at 3 months?

The optimal age to spay/neuter a cat is before it reaches 5 months of age. For owned cats, the optimal age would be 4 to 5 months; for cats in shelters, the optimal age could be as early as 8 weeks.

What to do for a 4 month old with hair loss?

For the normal baby bald spots due to tearing off the hair, try alternating the way your baby sleeps during naps and at night (Just don’t put your baby to sleep belly down, due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome .)

When to trim your hair under the young Moon?

Your recipe is simple: one day in March, start changing hairstyles and within six months trim the hair just under the sign of the Virgin when the young moon. When hair reached the desired length, the transition period has come to an end. Hairstyles transitional phase you no longer need.

How often does a baby’s hair fall off?

The resting stage usually comes every three years or so and lasts for three months, but sharp hormonal changes (such as being born) actually triggers the resting stage and hence the baby’s hair falls off and stays off for a few months. So the hormonal change triggered by birth explains general hair loss in babies.

Why is my 12 month old losing her hair?

There are other conditions that cause hair loss, but the more seroius ones are very uncommon in children under 12 months old: Patchy bald spots with red, flaky scaling (and sometimes black dots where the hair has broken off) may mean that your baby has a contagious fungal infection called tinea capitis, or ringworm.