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How did the Chinchilla Persian cat get its name?

How did the Chinchilla Persian cat get its name?

Chinchilla Persian breeds can trace back their origin to beautiful Persian cats. They get their name from South American rodents that have a similar kind of two-toned furry coat. Chinnie is considered to be the first Chinchilla cat that was bred in 1882 and can, therefore, be considered as the head of the chinchilla breeds.

Is the Persian Chinchilla the perfect house cat?

Renown for their beauty and striking emerald eyes, the Persian Chinchilla is a cat adored by many. Their playful yet gentle nature is unparalleled and may give them the illusion of being the ultimate house cat…. However, don’t be fooled by their perfect, doll-like features and spectacular coat of fur for these are creatures of mass destruction.

What kind of cat is silver Lambkin Chinchilla?

Chinnie was mated to a silver tabby, and one of the kittens from this litter gave birth to the first Chinchilla male (Chinnie’s grandson), who was named Silver Lambkin. The CFA and TICA group the chinchilla as part of the Persian breed. Other councils consider the Chinchilla a separate breed to the Persian.

Who is the head of the Chinchilla breed?

Chinnie is considered to be the first Chinchilla cat that was bred in 1882 and can, therefore, be considered as the head of the chinchilla breeds. Chinchilla cats are the most elegant and exotic cats of the Persian breed.

How old do chinchillas have to be to breed?

On the other end of the age issue is the fact that if a chinchilla has not reproduced by the time it is 2 years old, it probably never will. Healthy chinchillas in captivity live for up to 17 years. Until they are about 10 years old they can be in breeding.

What kind of coat does a Persian Chinchilla have?

Persian chinchilla cats are known for their lovely thick coat made up of beautiful long hairs. Chinchilla cats are known for their distinctive silver Persian or pure white frosted coats and the most prominent chinchilla colors are snow white. Chinchilla breeds also have white undercoats that have usually silver, golf or black tipping.

I have two chinchillas, male about 1 year old and female 3 years old, they are together about two months and male wants to breed but she does not, she lived with other male chinchilla about 2 years and they never had baby, she is perfectly healthy… any suggestions?

How old are the Chinchilla Persian kittens for sale?

We have 5 beautiful mixed 1 quarter chinchilla Persian / 3 quarter maincoon kittens for sale and ready to go to their new homes! They will be micro-chipped, 1st… Louie is 9 months old. I have just had a newborn and it s not working having a newborn baby with a 9 month old kitten so I am looking to sadly rehome him. He…

When to take a pregnant Chinchilla to the vet?

In the case of dystocia if you have a female who appears to be having trouble delivering you should get her to a veterinarian within 3 – 4 hours of first observing trouble. If the female becomes pregnant she will start gaining weight. Below is a diagram showing the weight of some pregnant chinchilla females.

What happens the night before a chinchilla is born?

The night before delivery the female may become aggressive toward the male and any other cage mates. She may also refuse food or become more passive. Most births take place in the night or the early morning hours and are generally a quick process. If you have the privilege of witnessing the birth make yourself as invisible as possible!

How old is Wilfred the Chinchilla Persian cat?

BuzzFeed spoke to Wilfred’s owner — and now we have answers. According to Wilfred’s owner — Jenna Millward – Wilfred is a two-year-old Chinchilla Persian. “When we bought Wilfred… it was just love at first sight.”

Can a Chinchilla Persian be taken from her mother?

There can be health issues and behavioral problems that will result if a kitten is taken from her mother too early. You could also try to find a Chinchilla Persian through a rescue group, which might cost about $150 to $500. You’ll be supporting a rescue group and giving an adult cat a chance at a happier life. 1.

What kind of hair does a Persian Chinchilla have?

The hair of the Persian Chinchilla has a “tipping”, that has a different color than the base. This tipping is found all over the back, head, tail, and flanks of the cat, and covers less than a quarter of the hair length. The cat’s belly and chin are always white.