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Is there such thing as making a mistake?

Is there such thing as making a mistake?

But a very little time because the truth is, there are no mistakes, just choices. There is a reason you made that choice — although you may not know it yet. It wasn’t random or an accident, though. That choice you made doesn’t require you to go to battle with yourself.

How to move on from a big mistake?

Even if where you are is the result of what you now see as the biggest mistake of your life. Be where you are, now, in this moment, on this journey. The steps behind you were already taken, and the steps to come are potential waiting to happen. Bring the fullness of this moment into that future.

How to bounce back from a big mistake?

Consider former US Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. Widely vilified for his role in the Vietnam War, it took him 30 years before he wrote a memoir, In Retrospect, in which he finally came to terms with the consequences of his decisions. 5. Address the root cause.

Why are you about to make a terrible mistake?

You’re About to Make a Terrible Mistake is a book about why organizations make bad decisions, and how to create processes and environments where we can make better ones, understanding the value of process and collaboration over any specific individual’s leadership.

What was the mistake I made at work?

When the tech brought the dog back, she slammed it on the countertop HARD. Like, hard enough to where the other tech and the vet were like, “WTF?!” They returned the dog to the owner after the blood draw and while waiting for the heartworm test results, I hear the man SCREAMING for help.

What was the worst mistake of my life?

In 1990 I probably made the worst mistake of my life. It was big. It was stupid. It was expensive and risky and unnecessary. It came with years of negative consequences, financial stress, and tears.

Why does God hate your big stupid mistake?

Maybe your big, stupid mistake was a sin. You know it because Scripture tells you so. It tells you God hates that sin, and you think God is punishing you. Or, maybe you’re not sure if your mistake was a sin, but you can’t help feeling like God is angry with you anyway. An accusing voice haunts you day and night, and to you, it is the voice of God.