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What causes enlarged colon in cats?

What causes enlarged colon in cats?

What causes megacolon? An injury to the spinal cord can cause megacolon. In addition, mechanical obstruction caused by tumors, foreign bodies, hairballs, and strictures can lead to megacolon. “In cases that do not have an identifiable cause, the condition is termed idiopathic megacolon.”

Is it common for cats to have problems with the colon?

The colon, on the other hand, presents a little more of a challenge. While it often takes no more than a trip to the litter box to realize something is amiss with the large intestine, cat parents sometimes find it hard to discuss the topic of their feline’s elimination issues. Which is a shame, because colon issues are fairly common in cats.

What does incontinence mean for a senior cat?

Incontinence is a medical condition in which a cat seems to lose control over his bathroom functions. When cats get older, bladder and bowel control loss are very common. If your senior cat eliminates on your living room carpet instead of in his litter box, before getting upset, consider whether or not incontinence may have…

What to do if your cat has colon cancer?

Follow-up therapy may include dietary changes and stool softeners. Additional medications to help stimulate the colon may be indicated. Although less common than other forms of cancer in the cat, colon cancer does occur. Lymphoma, adenocarcinoma and mast cell tumors are three of the most common types of cancer found in the colon.

Can a cat have hard to pass stool?

The opposite of diarrhea, cats can also experience hard, difficult to pass stools. While an occasional bout of constipation may happen to any feline, some cats suffer from a chronic form that is harder to control. Over time, permanent damage to the colon may occur.

What does it mean when a cat has a megacolon?

Megacolon can be a congenital or acquired condition. Cats with congenital megacolon lack normal smooth muscle function of the colon. Megacolon can also be acquired, such as when feces is chronically retained and the fecal water is completely absorbed.

Where does the colon start in a cat?

Megacolon in Cats. The colon is the section of large intestine that begins at the cecum, the sac that joins the colon to the end of the small intestine ( ileum ). From there it proceeds to the rectum in the digestive tract. The main purpose of the colon is to serve as a temporary storage conduit for waste products,…

Can you give an enema to a cat with megacolon?

Cats should never receive an enema during the preop period. Otherwise, it dramatically increases the risk of fecal leakage during the anastomosis. Fibers may help in the early stages of idiopathic megacolon when the colon still has some ability to contract.

What causes a cat to have minimal colonic activity?

Minimal colonic activity, where the colon is not releasing its contents, is another condition that can lead to abnormal enlargement of the colon. Megacolon can be a congenital or acquired condition. Cats with congenital megacolon lack normal smooth muscle function of the colon.