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What do you do when an old cat has a seizure?

What do you do when an old cat has a seizure?

Make sure you call your vet immediately for emergency care. You should also contact a vet for advice if it is your cat’s first seizure, they have not been seen by a vet for this problem before, or they have more than one seizure close together, regardless of how long the episode lasts.

When to take your cat to the vet for a seizure?

The seizure will generally only last for a minute or two. If the seizure lasts longer than five minutes, you should bring your cat to your vet as soon as possible, as this type of seizure can cause brain damage and even death.

Is there a cure for epilepsy in cats?

Conversely, there is not currently a cure for epilepsy in cats. However, with the help of appropriate medications, epilepsy in cats can be very well managed. The goal is to reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of the seizures. But be aware that, even with treatment, it may not be possible to completely prevent the seizures from recurring.

When to take an old cat to the vet?

Seizures in Old Cats. Although dogs are the pets most likely to have seizures, older cats have an increased tendency to them. If your aging kitty suddenly has a seizure after a lifetime of good health, take him to the vet immediately. Most seizures are caused by an underlying condition that should be addressed.

What do seizures look like in a cat?

What Do Seizures Look Like in a Cat. Focal seizures in cats produce symptoms that are different from generalized feline seizures. During a focal seizure, your cat may cry loudly as though it is in pain, behave in an aggressive fashion, even if it is not normally an aggressive cat, salivate or drool excessively, and exhibit other atypical behavior.

How often does a cat have a seizure?

Fortunately a single seizure is usually of short duration, and your cat is unconscious while convulsing. Seizures happen when abnormal electrochemical activity occurs in the brain. They can occur as a single event, as a cluster of seizures over a short period, or on a recurring basis every few weeks or months.

What should I do if my dog is having a seizure?

Move your dog or cat away from any objects or areas in which he can become injured. Make sure there are no sharp edges near him that he cut himself on. Move him away from any stairs that he might fall down. Remember that your dog or cat has no control over his muscle movements while he is having a seizure.

Can a cat be on medication for epilepsy?

If your cat is on long-term medication, he will need regular checkups and blood tests to ensure the medications are not causing other health problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent your cat from developing epilepsy. And even if your cat has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is on medication, that may not completely eliminate seizures.

Can a stroke or seizure in an elderly cat?

While your cat is considered elderly or geriatric, it probably still has a few good years left if it can overcome the stroke. Give your cat comfort as much as you can…you will feel better about doing it regardless of the outcome. I hope for the best for your kitty and hope to hear something positive about it’s diagnosis. I wish you the best!