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What does it mean when your cat has green eye boogers?

What does it mean when your cat has green eye boogers?

Usually a green or yellow discharge indicates there is a bacterial infection involved. Runny eyes can be a sign of an upper respiratory infection, more commonly known as ‘cat flu’. Cat flu is most commonly (over 90% of cases) caused by infection with feline calicivirus or feline herpesvirus.

Why do cats get gunk in their eyes?

A frequent cause of eye discharge in cats, these can include viruses such as feline calicivirus, a contagious respiratory disease, pneumonitis or rhinotracheitis (herpesvirus), bacteria, and protozoa. Symptoms can be mild or progress to something very serious and may include a sticky, pus-like eye discharge.

What did the big cat look like at Burkes Pass?

Cook thought it looked like a panther but “it was not as big as a panther and was dark brown”. “The tail was, however, definitely like a cat.” Cook and his partner, Carolyn Gibbs, of Auckland, had pulled over to photograph the golden trees in the area and had taken photos and video of the area before putting the camera back in the camper.

What kind of cat was seen in Twizel in 1996?

In 1996, a large black cat, about the size of a Labrador, was reportedly seen by a woman mountain biking near Twizel. Two years later something resembling a mountain lion was observed near Cromwell, and residents of Mataura described seeing what looked like a bobcat.

Where did Jesse Feary see the feral cat?

Jesse Feary was out near the Ashley Forest last weekend when he got his first scare. “I saw something on the other side of the gulley, so I took a high shot to see what it was,’’ he said. A Department of Conservation photo of a dead feral cat in front of a labrador.

When did David Wightman catch the Big Cat?

High country farmer David Wightman built a trap in 2009 to catch a big cat said to roam the hills of Mid-Canterbury. Our comment section is a safe, constructive place for you to discuss stories and issues that matter to you. To participate, we ask users not to: