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What kind of litter is in Pretty litter?

What kind of litter is in Pretty litter?

Pretty Litter does not clump. While we don’t have any official surveys of cat owners, our unscientific observations point towards most cat owners preferring clumping litter. Clumping litter is typically made of natural bentonite clay granules. These clump together when they meet a liquid.

What are the pros and cons of Pretty cat litter?

We give this cat litter a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Pretty Litter is renowned for its ability to catch health problems early. It changes colors based on the pH of your cat’s urine, allowing you to potentially catch health problems just as they start. It does this quite well and this feature is largely why most cat owners decide to purchase it.

Is the Pretty litter formula good for cats?

Pretty Litter claims that it is a low-dust formula. It is also a crystal litter, which usually creates less dust than clay litters. However, in our experience, it is pretty dusty. Many reviewers also reported that it was much dustier than they initially thought it would be.

How often do I clean my cat’s litter box?

I clean the litter box so often… as much as a means to extend the life of the litter as concern for the cats. I also wash out the boxes twice or at the very least, once a week, even if I am not “changing” over the litter that day. Most plastic litter boxes are porous, and do need disinfecting more than we think.

Are there any problems with worlds best cat litter?

While Worlds Best Cat Litter did respond to JH’s concerns with the litter, an email from their ‘Research Department’ is very suspicious (and down right stupid in my book). Please take a close look at the sections I bolded…

What happens if you use corn based cat litter?

My 3 cats began vomiting and one developed hepatic lipidosis resulting in the insertion of a food tube but then developed hind leg paralysis; another developed kidney disease; and the third is now ok once the litter was replaced with clay.

Why are there moths in my cat litter box?

The moths breed in the tiny-est of cracks between cabinets, etc., but they DO seek food sources in the house: oatmeal, rice, and then, you find them in the litter box. The corn must be an attractive food source, whereas clay would not be.