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Why is litter a waste of time and money?

Why is litter a waste of time and money?

Litter ruins people’s enjoyment of the countryside and makes open spaces feel like waste grounds. In Kent, where I spend a lot of time, many road verges are strewn with plastic sheets and bags hanging from trees, discarded meal containers and sacks of general rubbish.

Why are there fewer litter bins in public areas?

Bins for public use are relatively scarce, and litter collection is less frequent as councils simultaneously promote recycling and cut budgets. Uncollected, rubbish blows around, and once an area is strewn with litter it attracts even more. If an area is kept clean, less litter is dropped.

What are the consequences of littering on the road?

Littering along the road, on the streets or by the litter bins, toxic materials or chemicals in litter can be blown or washed into rivers, forests, lakes and oceans, and, eventually can pollute waterways, soil or aquatic environments.

Is it possible to fine someone for littering?

However, authorities cannot fine someone unless they actually see them litter and it is impossible to control every street. Undoubtedly, penalties have a real effect on littering behavior, but education and raising awareness is crucial in guaranteeing long-term results.

How does less waste Laura-about make a difference?

This resource invites young people to engage with the climate crisis and empowers them to make a difference. Over 42 days, through 42 challenges, young people will learn more about the impact of the climate crisis and explore how to live sustainably. A little look around a Zero Waste Shop!

Who is Laura Young, aka less waste Laura?

Hello! My name is Laura Young, aka Less Waste Laura. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Journey with me as I try to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle and advocate for environmental education and climate justice! After Mount Recyclemore was launched in Cornwall at the G7 I was speaking to BBC Radio Scotland about e-waste!

What do less waste warriors do for a living?

Show off what you are doing to help stop litter pollution, contribute to conservation, reduce your plastic, or anything else which is eco-friendly! The Less Waste Warriors are a group of like minded people who want to live in a cleaner, better, and fairer world – and we do this through our every day actions!