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Are Australian Mist cats rare?

Are Australian Mist cats rare?

The Australian Mist Cat Is a Relatively Rare Breed If you live in Europe or the United States, you may have some difficulty tracking down a breeder of this breed due to the Australian Mist Cat’s rarity in these continents. The first pair of Australian Mist Cats were introduced to the UK in 2007.

What does an Australian Mist cat look like?

The colours are warm brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach; the pattern is of delicate spots or intricate marbled swirls against a misty ground, with legs and tail ringed and barred, and the face lined. Eyes are large and expressive in a range of greens.

Are Australian Mist cats cuddly?

This cat first started as a mix between the Burmese and Abyssinian breeds. But, over time has developed into a breed in its own right. Australian Mist cats are people-oriented, affectionate, and playful. They love to cuddle and spend time with their owners just as much as they enjoy being active.

Are Australian Mists friendly?

Friendly, loving, and energetic, these cats inherited some of the best traits from all of their parents. Australian Mists were originally known as Spotted Mist cats. You may find them in shelters and rescues, so remember to always adopt!

Who are the Breeders of the Australian Mist?

These delectable short-haired cats were the brain-child of Dr. Truda Straede (Nintu Cattery) who has developed the breed over the last 40 years. The Australian Mist have a large gene pool, derived from over 30 foundation cats, half Burmese, and a quarter each Abyssinian and Domestic.

What kind of cat is the Spotted Mist?

The Australian Mist (formerly known as the Spotted Mist) is a breed of cat developed in Australia.

How old do Australian Mist kittens have to be?

We are all small catteries and we breed to maintain the original superb Australian Mist temperament, whilst breeding championship lines. We all belong to our relevant National or State Registering Body. All kittens are ready to go at 12 weeks of age. They are vaccinated, de-sexed, micro-chipped (in NSW) and wormed.

What kind of hair does an Australian Mist cat have?

Australian mist breeders suggest you shouldn’t brush them a lot, because they have a short coat and the brushing is not required, as they don’t lose much hair. The Australian mist cats have a large range of different colors, such as warm brown, chocolate, gold, peach and lilac with a very distinctive pattern.

What kind of cat is an Australian Mist?

This carefully crafted breed of delicately spotted and marbled cats is tops for temperament, full of love and fun, bright but relaxed. Very popular with first time pedigree cat buyers, the Australian Mist is well bred and not extreme in appearance – appealing as essentially cat.

When did the Australian Mist get its name?

These days, the Australian Mist has become honored as Australia’s national cat! In 1998, the breed’s name was changed from the Spotted Mist to the Australian Mist. The Australian Mist was officially accepted as having gained championship status by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2014.

Where can I find registered Australian Mist Breeders?

You can also click here to search for Registered Australian Mist Breeders by location. If you are a small scale registered breeder and would like to be listed here, just contact us or follow a few simple steps to add your details yourself. We welcome helpful comments and contributions to information about this breed by email or below…

What kind of gene pool does Australian Mist have?

The Australian Mist have a large gene pool, derived from over 30 foundation cats, half Burmese, and a quarter each Abyssinian and Domestic. Burmese contributed the dilution for the colours, the “laid back” nature, four of the colours and some of the pattern, as well as general size and conformation.