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Are Ocicat cats small?

Are Ocicat cats small?

Key Characteristics The Ocicat is a medium-to-large spotted cat with a smooth and satiny coat. Ocicats have large, almond-shaped eyes, moderately large ears and fairly long tails. Colors vary from brown and silver to blue and lavender.

What kind of cat is an Ocicat cat?

The ocicat is a wild-looking feline with domestic origins, bred from a combination of Abyssinian, Siamese, and American shorthair breeds.

How did Tonga the Ocicat cat get its name?

After a repeat breeding, an ivory kitten with golden spots named Tonga was born; Daly’s daughter mentioned Tonga looked like an ocelot and said it should be called an ocicat. However, Daly was not interested in creating a new breed, so Tonga was neutered and given to a new home.

What should I do for my Ocicat cat?

Be sure to have an established veterinarian on hand and schedule regular checkups. An ocicat’s strong, athletic body needs a species-appropriate diet to sustain its health and energy. Grain-free foods are often preferred as are raw diets.

What kind of cat is Dalai Dotson from Ocicat?

Daly repeated the match, which produced a tawny spotted male she named Dalai Dotson for use in the new project. The next step was to introduce the American shorthair to the mix for the boning and substance and to introduce silver.

How much does it cost to buy an Ocicat kitten?

If bought from a registered breeder in the US, Ocicat kittens tend to cost from $800 to $1500. Prices will vary according to the breeder and the quality, age, and show record, if any, of the cat that you’re considering.

What kind of temperament does an Ocicat cat have?

Wild in looks, the Ocicat possesses a tabby temperament. This breed thrives on the company of people – even first-time visitors to the home. Don’t be surprised if they are the first ones to greet guests. Ocicats revel in busy, active households and eagerly enjoy the company of other family cats, dogs and other pets.

How old do purebreed Ocicats need to be?

I found the kitten outside and decided to take care of him while I look a place for him he’s really calm with everyone I would like to st… Six year old purebreed ocicat, super sweet and loves to play. Best with adults (scared of young children). Needs to be in a single pet ho…

Can you keep an Ocicat as a pet?

Because of their personable and highly social nature, Ocicats get along well with most other household pets – including cats and dogs. However, they are not well-suited to being left alone for long stretches of time, as they require companionship and attention.