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Are there any lost and found cats in the world?

Are there any lost and found cats in the world?

Tales of cats missing for long periods of time or turning up in strange places happen more often than you think, but when they are found and returned to their families, it’s always a good story. 1. Charles: Eight Months Later, 1300 Miles Away In 2009, Robin Alex, of Albuquerque, New Mexico went to New Orleans to built a Habitat for Humanity house.

What was the name of the cat that got hit by a car?

Petrillo buried a cat he was sure was Alfie after a car hit the cat near his home in 2009. Then the Petrillo family moved to a new house. Nine months later, a friend from the old neighborhood called to tell Petrillo that a ginger cat was at their old house trying to get in!

How did Robin Alex find her lost cat?

In 2009, Robin Alex, of Albuquerque, New Mexico went to New Orleans to built a Habitat for Humanity house. When she returned, her cat Charles was gone. Eight months later, she received a call from Chicago Animal Care and Control. A cat had been picked up with a microchip identifying her as the owner!

How did my cat Grieve after his friend died?

Sudan, one of my cats, grieved after Kingsley, his best cat friend, succumbed to lymphoma. He grieved again when Maulee, my heart-cat who was more than 20 years old, passed a few months after Kingsley’s death. My mom’s cat, Pillow, became depressed and withdrawn after my mom passed on.

Where was the shelter cat that was found?

But in 2014, the Cocheco Valley Humane Society took a shelter cat down to the Pet Connections Pet Store, which just happened to be down the street from Wright’s home. Shortly afterward, Wright stopped in to buy pet supplies. The more she looked at the cat, the more she was convinced it was Fuzzy.

What kind of cat is Charles from lost and found?

Sims said he has a tabby cat who strongly resembles Charles, and was moved when his mother sent him an online story about Alex and her pet. Sims volunteered to pick Charles up and bring him back to New Mexico, as he was traveling to a wedding in Chicago.

Are there any missing cats that have come back?

Clients bring me wayward cats that have been missing for days, weeks or months pretty frequently. I, myself, have had three cats given up for lost that have returned: 1. Bluey. This 10-year-old Siamese mix came running across the field one sunny day after being missing for four months! She was fatter than when she had left.

What to do when a missing cat comes home?

Read about OG’s return home, how we’re caring for him and feeding him, and what you can do to care for a cat that returns home after weeks on the lam. Missing cat comes home. We’re watching television in the dark. Button Boy, our new orange kitty, jumps on my husband’s lap. “He’s too thin, Deb. We have to feed him — HOLY S—! It’s OG!!!”

What was the name of the cat that was missing for 17 days?

OG, our other orange kitty, had been missing for 17 days. Miraculously, he had made it home. Skin and bones. Tired and starving. But he had made it home. Two and a half weeks prior, on the only warm day in February, OG had ventured outside for the first time all winter.

When is it desperate time when your cat goes missing?

It’s a desperate time when your cat goes missing. My cat Freddie has gone missing 3 times—first for 5 days, then for 14 days and the last time for 10 days. He is normally a cat that will come back home every one to two hours and never wanders far, so I was extremely worried each time he went missing.