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Can a cat break its leg in a fight?

Can a cat break its leg in a fight?

Cats are agile and flexible, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer fractures or breaks when their bones are stressed. Cats typically experience broken leg bones most frequently, but any bone in their bodies can break with enough force.

What to do if your cat is in a cat fight?

The solution to preventing cat fights is by desexing your cat and keeping them indoors, especially at night. If you know that your cat has been in a fight, it is best to contact your local Greencross Vets as soon as possible to commence early treatment before an abscess forms.

Why does my cat act strangely after a fight?

You may notice that your cat acting strangely after a fight. For example, if a cat has been badly wounded they may hide in silence.

Can a cat fight injury heal on its own?

it can be difficult to spot small puncture wounds, so keep a close eye on your cat and if you see any signs of infection developing such as heat, swelling, pain, lethargy or fever then contact your vet Will cat fight injuries heal on their own? Unfortunately, cat fight injury wounds often end up septic.

How to get rid of a cat fight wound?

How to clean a cat fight wound. Reducing the risk of cats fighting. Neuter your cat to reduce the risk of competitive and territorial behaviour. Keep cats indoors overnight, when most cat fights occur. Give each cat in your home their own possessions (bowls, litter box, etc.) to avoid territorial behaviour.

What does it mean when your cat can’t move his back legs?

Saddle thrombus is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition that requires immediate veterinary attention. It usually comes on suddenly: Your cat begins to howl or pant and can’t seem to move one or both of his back legs.

Why is my cat limping after a fight?

My cat had a fight yesterday with another cat, afterwards when he came in was acting really strangely and then I noticed he was limping and not putting any weight on his front paw. I didn’t see any blood and thought theres no way cats fighting would be able to break any bones.

What should I do if my cat’s back legs are weak?

A vet should see a cat with weak, wobbly, or stiff back legs. This is especially important if the symptoms have come on suddenly, or are severe. As there are many causes of back leg problems in cats, getting a diagnosis is vital. Your vet may need to run a blood test or a scan, such as an x-ray.

How can you tell if your cat has been in a fight?

Watch for other signs of a bite. Your cat may show others signs that let you know it has been in a fight. In cats with leg bites, the infection makes walking painful so it may start limping. Sometimes, the cat will groom and lick the area of the bite excessively.