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How big do Ragdoll males get?

How big do Ragdoll males get?

12 to 20 pounds
Physical characteristics. The Ragdoll is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. A fully-grown female weighs from 8 to 15 pounds (3.6 to 6.8 kg). Males are substantially larger, ranging from 12 to 20 pounds (5.4 to 9.1 kg), or more.

How big do Ragdolls get when they are neutered?

Using a growth chart Ragdolls typically weigh 9 – 18 pounds with most Males tending to be at the more massive end of the scales (around 13 – 18 pounds)! The Males are also more to likely spray then females even when neutered at the appropriate age but no more than any other breed in the cat world.

How often should you breed a ragdoll cat?

Many females are very vocal when they come into heat, calling out to any males in the area. Often times the males will call back to them, and it can make some very unpleasant, not to mention sleepless nights. A female should only be bred an average of 3 times in 2 years.

Why are so many people interested in breeding Ragdolls?

Many people who visit catteries, and see the darling kittens running around the house, express an interest in breeding Ragdolls. They see a family home that is neat and clean, and doesn’t smell like cats. They assume that breeding cats is an easy part time job that anyone can do.

How old does a ragdoll have to be to be a show cat?

Ragdolls take a long time to mature, and just because a kitten is perfectly marked, doesn’t mean it will automatically be a show cat. A breeder needs experience (with Ragdolls in general, and with the lines they are using) before they can pick a good breeder/show kitten at 10 to 12 weeks old.

How big should a 12 week old ragdoll kitten be?

At 12 weeks female kittens will often weight around 1.5kg and males an average of 1.7kg. From this point on they should gain 500g a month until they age of 1 year old. Once fully grown a male ragdoll will often weight 15-20 lbs and the female slightly less at 10-15 lbs.

Are there any Ragdoll cats I can breed with?

I have two ragdoll cats who I want to breed with. The male is 6 and half months oldand the female is 17 weeks old. The I have two ragdoll cats who I want to breed with. The male… I have a female cat Olive 11 months old and she got her second heat cycle 2 days back.

What’s the difference between a male and female Ragdoll?

Male Ragdolls are especially prone to outgoing behaviour and may be more demanding than their female counterparts. They are more likely to become close with one person instead than show their affections to many people like some family cats.

How long does it take a ragdoll to get pregnant?

After mating the breeder has to wait for 3 weeks. Then the nipples turn pink, a sign for pregnancy. 6 more weeks and birth is due. On average a cat is 9 weeks pregnant, but our Ragdolls tend to add few more days.