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How do you create an effective setting?

How do you create an effective setting?

Here are my top tips for creating a successful setting for your story.If it’s set in a real place, research it. Use setting to create atmosphere. Use all the senses. Does the setting form part of the conflict? Use setting to reveal character. Balance description with pace. The power of naming things. Use specific details.

How does setting create tension?

A powerful setting doesn’t just anchor a story in a particular time and place, help drive the plot and even influence the characters who play against its backcloth. It can also help the writer ratchet up the tension in their narrative, and keep the reader turning those pages.

How does the setting build suspense?

Setting is a powerful character that can be used to create suspense and establish the mood the writer is trying to portray. Choosing the right one is the key and we must go beyond the obvious to describe it. When we do our settings will come alive and stay with the reader long after the story is finished.