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How much should I feed my British Shorthair kitten?

How much should I feed my British Shorthair kitten?

How much should a British Shorthair kitten eat? In short, as much as she wants whenever she wants. You should be feeding her between three and five small meals per day (around half a pouch of wet food per meal).

What can I feed my British Shorthair kitten?

For kittens, the most optimal food is high in protein, very low in carbohydrates and containing a moderate amount of fat. A good-quality grain-free food without “stuffed” carbohydrates. Your kitten needs to eat a lot at this age but only has a small stomach; food needs to be provided in small, frequent portions.

When did the British shorthair kittens come out?

Six absolutely stunning British shorthair lilac kittens. Born on 1st may 2021. As you can see from the pictures, they are beautiful and an excellent example of… A beautiful British blue shorthair kitten, has been raised in our home and is very playful. Toilet trained.

How old are the British Blue Cross kittens?

British blue cross kitten the last little boy is now eight weeks old and is available for sale. He is lively and full of fun and has grown up in a pet friendly… British blue boys and girls. Fully vaccinated reg and insured. Established licensed cattery 20yrs. Our adorable and loving boy looking for loving and forever home.

Who is the mother of the British Blue kittens?

Mother and Father can be seen on viewing Kitten. I have a litter of pure bred British shorthair kittens ready to leave at the beginning of july. Dad is registered solid blue and mum is tortie/white. These…

How old are the bombadillo British shorthair kittens?

Below: named Guss Guss, because he reminds us of the tubby little mouse in Cinderella: a lilac bicolour British Shorthair kitten at 4 weeks old Below: Biffur, a blue bicolour British Shorthair kitten, and brother to Guss Guss. Below: ‘Dipstick’ an incredibly unusual black bicolour kitten at just 2.5 weeks old: