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How old can Siberian cats get?

How old can Siberian cats get?

Although it always depends on the individual feline, Siberian cats often have a lifespan ranging from about 10 to 18 years in age. However, how long a Siberian kitty lives is determined by many diverse factors, from individual health circumstances to diet.

How big is a full grown Siberian Cat?

Siberian cats are still kittens until they’re five years old, but once fully-grown Siberian’s they are one of the larger sized cats, albeit not quite the size of a Maine coon. Females can weigh from 3.5 to 6kg and males 5.5 to 8kg and sometimes even larger. Siberian cats are normally about 30cm tall.

How big is a full grown Siberian cat?

How big are Siberian cats when they are full grown?

They are muscular felines who have large, rounded, powerful paws. Males weigh between 17 and 26 pounds and females range in weight from 13 to 17 pounds. Siberian cats mature slowly and, although most of their growth will take place between birth and 18 months, these cats may not be fully-grown adults until they are 5 years old.

What kind of cat is a Siberian forest cat?

A longer name of the formal breed is Siberian Forest Cat, but it is usually referred to as the Siberian or the Siberian cat. Another name for the formal breed is the Moscow Semi-Longhair. The cat is an ancient breed that is now believed to be ancestral to all modern long-haired cats.

How old does a Siberian cat have to be to have a litter?

Siberians, due to their communal nature, often do better in pairs in captivity. Females that have not been spayed have been noted to have litters as late as nine or ten years. However, kitten mortality is generally lower when a dam (breeding female) is between 18 months and six years of age.

Can a Siberian cat be an obese cat?

Siberian cats can easily become obese without ample exercise. While Siberian Forest cats are generally healthy, they do have a slightly elevated risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Some individuals are prone to feline lower urinary tract disease. The Siberian cat is a naturally occurring cat breed that has been refined through selective breeding.