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Is it safe to have a male cat around kittens?

Is it safe to have a male cat around kittens?

Two males who are raised together will be attached at the hip. If you currently have an adult male, you should be able to bring in a male kitten without any trouble. Keep in mind, however, that there are some cats — male and female — who will not tolerate any others cats and need to be “only children!”

What happens when you bring home a kitten?

We thought everything would be fine, they were totally fine in the garden. Even the neighbors remarked that our cats, the male in particular had adopted him. Unfortunately, now that he is ours officially and in the house 85% of the time or more, our female is majorly stressed out and he has started attacking her.

Is it selfish or unfair to bring home kittens?

So, Livvysmom, no I don’t think it’s selfish or unfair. Like labmomma posted, you need to take all the requisite precautions, keep a sense of humor and be patient. When we brought home two kittens rescued from a very bad home our over twelve year old cat never took to them at all. It was a disaster.

What happens when you have an adult cat and a kitten?

It seems that many times this causes a huge amount of stress and hostility in the current resident adult cat. It can even permanently change the adult cat’s personality (cause them to hide more). The perplexed owner then asks for advise on how to get the existing cat to accept the new kitten.

Why is my cat so upset about the new kitten?

Once Mona had settled in (she was relaxed even with the larger, angry cat hissing in her face) I did a few switcharoos and noted his reaction. He was very hyper, as if angry and looking to vent. But after a few minutes he was able to relax and play a little – though not normally. 1. Does he look scared or angry?

Can a cat get an infection from a fight wound?

Fight wounds frequently result in infection that can make cats quite ill, especially if left untreated. Fight wounds are more common in male cats than females and are most frequent in intact (unneutered) males.

What happens if a cat gets bit in a fight?

If a cat gets into a fight, you may not know about it. The puncture wounds will close over and trap bacteria in the skin. This will lead to swelling where the cat was bitten. Check the cat’s body for any swelling. The most common places a cat will get bitten is the head, neck, forelimbs, and the base of the tail.

What happens if a cat licks a wound?

If your feline friend reaches the wound and licks it it will delay the process of healing as its tongue will scrape the new skin. If you put a collar on it you will avoid it reaching the wound and it will recover without problems.

What’s the best way to clean a cat wound?

A good way to clean the area in depth is to cut or shave the hair in that area giving space to attend the wound more precisely. The cleaning must be done with serum that will remove all dirt deposit and a clean gauze with which to remove dry skin or tougher dirt remains.