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What does it mean when your cat has herpes?

What does it mean when your cat has herpes?

It is also known as cat flu or cat herpes. It is a virus that is prone to a feline herpes flare up. What is a feline herpes flare up? A flare up is when the herpes virus goes from the dormant stage to the active stage and symptoms start to appear.

How does feline herpes virus I destroy cartilage?

Previous studies demonstrated feline herpes virus I can destroy cartilage (called turbinates) in the nasal cavity; many believe the clinical signs observed in cats are related to an irreversible destructive process within the nasal cavity that allows secondary bacterial infection and subsequent inflammation.

Is the feline herpes virus contagious to humans?

Feline herpes virus is not contagious to humans so you or I can’t get it. However, it is contagious to other cats. Cats transfer the virus via bodily fluids so any sharing of bowls, grooming or sneezes will spread the virus.

What can I give my Cat for herpes flare up?

This is the best way to treat a flare up since there is no cure. Lysine is an amino acid and blocks the herpes virus. Lysine comes in many different varieties of dispensing. I’ve only used the Viralys brand as that is what I initially got from the vet.

How to treat feline herpes virus in cats?

Treatment of Feline Herpes Virus Cats with an active flare-up of herpes virus will be treated symptomatically. The most common treatment is topical ointment or drops for your cat’s eyes. Your vet will also recommend you start your cat on the supplement L-lysine.

How long does it take for a cat to show symptoms of herpes?

Symptoms will usually arise two to five days after infection. Once your cat starts showing symptoms of the virus they may remain actively infected for 10-20 days. During this time they will be infectious to other cats. All cats that are infected with feline herpes virus will become carriers of the virus. Most cats will become latent carriers.

Is the cat herpes virus contagious to humans?

The cat herpes virus is very contagious and is often transmitted in environments where many cats live together (such as shelters or multi-cat households). Which Cats Are Prone to the Herpes Virus? All cats, regardless of age, size, or breed, are at risk of getting the herpes virus.

How does feline herpes spread from person to person?

The virus is a major cause of upper respiratory infections, as well as conjunctivitis(swelling of the tissue around the eyes). Feline herpes can be spread from cat to cat by sharing litter boxes and food/water dishes and mutual grooming.