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What is a viral infection in cats?

What is a viral infection in cats?

Cat flu, or upper respiratory infection (URI) is a very common disease that can vary considerably in severity, and on occasions can even be life-threatening. In the vast majority of cases, disease results from infection with feline calicivirus (FCV) or feline herpes virus (FHV, or FHV-1).

What can I do if my cat has a serious viral infection?

Currently, there is no uniformly effective treatment for cats infected with FeLV. Immune optimization with homeopathy, natural diet, etc., can improve quality of life and the disease-free interval. Return to menu. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV): Is It the Same Virus That Causes AIDS in People? No.

Can a cat get a virus from another cat?

Viral Infections in Cats. Cats can develop a series of infections caused by viruses. Viral infections can be mild or life-threatening. Antibiotics are not recommended in viral infections. In some cases they can even worsen the situation.

Can a cat take antibiotics for a bacterial infection?

Although most of these infections are viral in nature, sometimes cat antibiotics are indeed indicated to protect against secondary bacterial infections or to treat potential primary bacterial infections, such as feline chlamydiosis and Bordetella. Your veterinarian can help to determine if antibiotics are needed or likely to be helpful.

What should I do if my cat has an upper respiratory infection?

The veterinarian will tell you what the best course of treatment is for your cat. This may include medications, isolation, rest, fluids from an IV, and nutritional support. Cats often get a bacterial infection on top of a viral infection, so yours may need antibiotics.

What are common viruses in cats?

Most common viral infections in cats are caused by: Feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus. Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Feline parvovirus.

What are common illnesses in cats?

Common Cat Diseases. Cats can suffer from a range of diseases like rabies, upper respiratory infection, feline panleukopenia, parasitic infestation, etc.

What are signs of cat illness?

Look for vomiting and stomach upset. One of the most common signs of illness in cats is vomiting. This could signal some sort of short-lived gastrointestinal distress or a much more serious illness, such as cancer.

What is the most common cat disease?

Most common cat diseases: pneumonia. Another of the most common cat diseases is pneumonia, a condition that inflames the bronchi and the pulmonary alveoli. It is caused by a virus causing your cat to have watery eyes, abundant phlegm, coughing, and mouth ulcers.