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What is proper audience etiquette?

What is proper audience etiquette?

The key to audience etiquette is to know what is considered good manners for the type of performance you are attending. If you go the theater to watch a play, talking through it will upset members of the audience around you and perhaps even the cast on stage.

What should you not do at a theater performance?

The Dos and Don’ts of Theater EtiquetteDo Turn Off Your Cell Phone. Turn your cell phone off, means turn it off. Don’t Take Photographs or Video. Each production is unique. Do Eat Your Dinner Before the Show. Broadway shows are multi-hour experiences. Don’t Talk During the Show. Do Prepare for Eventualities. Don’t Sing Along. Do Respect Those Around You.

Why do actors say thank you five?

It’s a call and response to indicate that the actors heard the directions. “Places everyone!” “Thank you, places.” “Curtain call in five minutes” “Thank you, five!” means the actors are to move to their starting places for the staging of the scene.