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When do you use recently with the past?

When do you use recently with the past?

There’s no problem using recently with the past when you wish to express that something happened or was done recently. However, if you wish to express the idea that something has been happening (continuously or repeatedly) recently, then the simple past is a sub-optimal choice of tense. – Tᴚoɯɐuo Apr 11 ’15 at 11:43

Why do qualified job applicants get rejected every day?

We cannot blame them for worrying. Of course they worry, and they are likely to keep worrying until they find a new position! Qualifications are only part of the job-search puzzle. Qualified job-seekers get rejected from recruiting pipelines every day!

When do loved ones come to you for no reason?

If something your loved one would say just comes to you for no apparent reason, it’s probably him or her speaking directly to you. This form of communication is a true blessing! Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a particular thought, it can come when the lyric to a song “pops” into your thoughts.

How to tell if a loved one has passed away?

As humans, we remember how our loved ones smell. We remember a distinctive cologne or perfume they enjoyed, or even the scent of an activity they performed. If your loved one used to work with cars and, out of the blue, you smell motor oil, try not to be scared. Instead, say “Hi!” 3. They Visit Through the Energy of an Animal

When do you Know You’re Not Wanted places?

Countless times, I say that I’m the reason I didn’t get the invite and I’m the reason that I’m not wanted places because I’m too much to handle. I don’t ever say “Wow, that guy was an asshole for not inviting me but asking all my friends to go”.

What happens when you get passed up for a job?

You apply for a job. You’re well qualified – if not overqualified. You nail the interview. And you wait in anticipation for that job offer. Then something unexpected happens: You learn that someone else got the job.

When do you Know You’re Not Wanted at a party?

There is a hard realization that comes along with knowing you’re not wanted somewhere. Whether it be at a party or some situation that’s out of your hands, it still hurts. It makes you question everything that got you to that point. What did I do wrong? Where did I make a mistake? Why it always me who gets left behind?

What happens when you get passed over for a promotion?

Getting the news that you’ve been passed over for promotion can be disheartening. And the follow-up discussion with your boss—the one that should help you understand why you’ve been passed over—more often than not just leaves you with a bruised ego and no idea what to do next.