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Why is my guinea pig squinting?

Why is my guinea pig squinting?

Guinea pigs sometimes develop eye problems as a result of another condition, such as a respiratory infection, diabetes, teeth problems or dehydration. The eye may appear swollen and watery. The guinea pig may squint or paw at the eye. The eye may also become cloudy.

Is my guinea pig shrinking?

A guinea pig that is physically getting smaller is usually the result of a decreased appetite and weight loss. These are signs of illness, and you should get your guinea pig to a veterinarian for an examination. Obviously if the weight loss continues, your guinea pig could be in serious trouble.

Why is my male guinea pig weird?

If one of your guinea pigs starts acting up out of the blue, they may be feeling discomfort somewhere in their body. Similar to any other human or pet, feeling sick or being in pain can lead to an aggressive and cranky nature. Be sure to examine your piggie and bring them to a vet just to be safe.

How can you tell the sex of a guinea pig?

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the penis, especially in heavy older male cavies. To make the penis protrude, use your finger to gently press just about the guinea pig’s genital area. The penis should show itself. You can also use your finger to gently press and rub just over the genital area.

Why does a male guinea pig have a bulge?

Male guinea pigs have a bulge to their genital and anal areas. The bulge appears due to the presence of the guinea pig’s testicles, which are just under the skin along the anus and the penis.

How to diagnose and treat urinary problems in guinea pigs?

Your vet can use an X-ray to examine your guinea pig for bladder stones, use a needle to draw a urine sample, and perform a physical examination. Calm your guinea pig before the physical examination or X-rays. Help your veterinarian get to the bottom of the problem by calming your guinea pig before any imaging and diagnostic tests.

How many protrusions does a guinea pig have?

– Guinea pig boars have two protrusions on their penis, like horns. This is another variation of ‘normal’ so is nothing to worry about! – They are very often not visible upon penis inspection, but boars use them to keep hold of a moving sow when they mate. – Some boars have only got one or no prongs at all.