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Can Combat kill dogs?

Can Combat kill dogs?

A Concealed Danger. As you may have realized yourself in the previous section, it is nearly impossible for a dog to become poisoned by either the Fipronil or Hydramethylnon content of a single Combat bait station. Even if it somehow eats multiple traps, there will likely be very minimal side effects.

Does combat attract roaches?

Combat® Bait Strips kill roaches at the source. Combat® Gel Baits are designed to attract roaches in search of food and water. You squeeze the gel into the cracks and crevices, and hard-to-reach areas around your home where roaches commonly hide.

Is the Combat Roach killing bait strip dangerous?

Adhesive strip doesn’t stick. Also really hard to pull off the strip that ‘activates’ the strip, and when you do get it off you get the poison all over your hands. What’s more you can’t use gloves as the whole thing is so fiddly and hard to get open. So this is a dangerous product. Purchased in February 2021 at Woolworths for $10.00.

What to do if your dog dies from roach bait?

This is especially important for puppies and toy dogs as they are more apt to die from roach bait stations than older, larger dogs. If your vet is not open or somehow you cannot get to an emergency vet right away, call the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center at 188 – 426- 4435. This is NOT a free call.

Where to put Roach bait in the House?

Place the bait stations in areas where the dogs cannot get to, but roaches can. For example, under the sink is a good place – if the bottom of the sink is enclosed in a cupboard. Get down on your hands and knees to get a dog’s eye view of where things are. This will help you see where your dog can wriggle into when everyone’s back is turned.

What kind of poison is used to kill roaches?

One of the most common roach poisons, fipronil, is the same ingredient used in topical flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats. Ingestion of most roach poisons does not usually pose a serious risk to healthy dogs.