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How much water is too much for a 14 year old?

How much water is too much for a 14 year old?

Recommendations for kids have a lot to do with age. Girls and boys between 4 and 8 years old should drink 40 ounces per day, or 5 cups. This amount increases to 56–64 ounces, or 7–8 cups, by ages 9 to 13 years. For ages 14 to 18, the recommended water intake is 64–88 ounces, or 8–11 cups.

How much water should my 14 year old daughter drink?

Kids Total Daily Beverage and Drinking Water Requirements

Age Range Gender Total Water (Cups/Day)
4 to 8 years Girls and Boys 7
9 to 13 years Girls 9
Boys 10
14 to 18 years Girls 10

What happens to young people when they drink alcohol?

Alcohol is a significant factor in the deaths of people younger than age 21 in the United States each year. This includes deaths from motor vehicle crashes, homicides, alcohol overdoses, falls, burns, drowning, and suicides. Causes many injuries. Drinking alcohol can cause youth to have accidents and get hurt.

How much alcohol does the average 12 year old drink?

In 2018, 7.1 million young people ages 12–20 reported that they drank alcohol beyond “just a few sips” in the past month. 2 People ages 12 through 20 drink 11 percent of all alcohol consumed in the United States. 3 Although youth drink less often than adults do, when they do drink, they drink more.

What are the dangers of underage drinking in America?

Alcohol is the most widely used substance of abuse among America’s youth, and drinking by young people poses enormous health and safety risks. The consequences of underage drinking can affect everyone—regardless of age or drinking status.

How can parents help their children avoid alcohol problems?

Parents can help their children avoid alcohol problems by: 1 Talking about the dangers of drinking 2 Drinking responsibly, if they choose to drink 3 Serving as positive role models in general 4 Not making alcohol available 5 Getting to know their children’s friends 6 Having regular conversations about life in general