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Is it normal for an ultrasound to show nothing?

Is it normal for an ultrasound to show nothing?

That is normal procedure. Sometimes the ultrasound doesn’t show anything though, even though there is a problem. Hers was “clean” but the gynecologist still thinks she may have endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.

What should the results of an early pregnancy ultrasound show?

In this case, the doctor may opt to repeat the ultrasound at a later date. In either of these cases, the ultrasound results may indicate a miscarriage or the pregnancy may still be normal. If the subsequent ultrasound shows that the pregnancy has continued developing, the earlier results can be attributed to problems with dating.

How do you find out the results of an ultrasound?

With ultrasound scans, the scanned images show up immediately on the device’s screen. This means that often the person operating the scanner can give immediate feedback – provided they’re suitably qualified to interpret the images. So, most likely you’ll get a verbal summary of the results immediately.

Can a pregnancy still be normal after an ultrasound?

The pregnancy could still be normal but simply off by a few days in the dating—or the dating could be accurate but the timing is still within the margin of error for when the heartbeat becomes detectable on an ultrasound.

Can a abnormal ultrasound lead to pregnancy loss?

Some abnormal ultrasound findings are associated with higher risk of pregnancy loss, but many patients go on to have successful pregnancies. In the world of electronic medical records, patients sometimes get access to their pregnancy imaging results before they have a chance to visit with their doctor about the findings.

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