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Is it safe to give my cat gabapentin?

Is it safe to give my cat gabapentin?

The antibiotic you mention is in the tetracycline family and can cause birth defects in humans so do not give it to your cat, take her to the vet. I was prescribed gabapentin after surgery, for the nerve pain I was having in my legs. The dosage was gradually increased to 600 mg, three times a day.

How long have I been taking gabapentin for?

Hi Candy i have been on Gabapentin for about a year and 9 months. The dosage im on is 900mgs in the morning and 900mgs at bed time, i have not had any adverse side effects or weight gain in fact, since i started this which could be coincidence i have lost a total of around 42lbs.

How is Neurontin gabapentin used for epilepsy?

neurontin Gabapentin is used for epilepsy treatment, although it is sometimes used to treat neuropathic pain. I don’t think it will help you much as it doesn’t bond to receptors as opiates do. see what is known for cats and ask through one of the on line vet assistants – they’ll help.

Is it safe to give skipper 100 mg gabapentin?

I’m sorry for this concern about Skipper. While 100 mg is probably a higher dose than I would have prescribed for a cat, it wouldn’t be considered a toxic one.

How often can I give my Cat gabapentin?

Question: Can I give my prescription for gabapentin to my cat who has been taking it in a liquid form but has almost run out. I’ve been giving him 1ml liquid twice a day. The prescription I have is 300mg powder capsules that I would have to dose appropriately. Background: Male tabby 14 years old.

How old is gabapentin when he bites himself?

Background: Male tabby 14 years old. He had been having occasional fits where he bites at himself and spins around on the floor (possibly flea related) until one time a few weeks ago he bit himself and opened up a wound in his side.

Who is the doctor who gives gabapentin to cats?

Doctor Marty Becker of the North Idaho Animal Hospital argues on behalf of using drugs such as Gabapentin to create a relaxed state for patients. Some animals are inconsolable by the usual methods of calming.

How long does it take for gabapentin to take effect?

It takes about two to three hours to take effect in its most concentrated form. Preparing a schedule of dosages can help create a routine for the cat, making it easier to get used to and record reactions. Gabapentin is also approved for behavior modification in cats